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For over 10 years, Checkissuing has been a leading innovator in the online financial outsourcing industry. We have helped hundreds of company’s reduce costs with efficient and well-designed outsourced printing and mailing services. Now you can take advantage of additional cost savings with our eStatement Services. Our commitment to quality, accuracy, and security is the same whether your customers choose physical or electronic statement delivery. However, your customers get eStatements faster compared to mailed statements, as well as them being a safer, faster and greener alternative to paper statements.

Checkissuing eStatements are electronic versions of account statements which are delivered over email. They can conveniently be downloaded and saved to the recipients computer, are as legally-binding as paper statements, and are very similar to versions of paper statements that you typically receive in the postal mail.


The Checkissuing eStatement Process

  • Conveniently upload a .csv file using the Checkissuing Secure Administration System or automate through our API.
  • Use one of our standard statement templates or have Checkissuing create a customized statement specific to our business or needs.
  • All reports are available for downloading and once saved to your computer, the archived statements and other documents can be easily accessed. The ability to archive documents is a great way to support front-line customer service reps, who can instantly access saved electronic versions of statements, bills, invoices, tax documents or letters to quickly resolve account-related issues or inquiries.
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Checkissuing eStatement Features and Benefits

  • The Checkissuing customizable eStatement system gives you the ability to tailor the user experience to your customers’ needs, wants and expectations as the true mark of a superior eStatement solution. Email notifications, for example, instantly alert customers the moment online documents are ready for viewing.
  • Liberate your customers from overstuffed filing cabinets. Now all of their statements are just a few clicks away.
  • Tech-savvy customers aren’t satisfied with anything less than a full-service online experience that is convenient, mobile, and attractively designed. If your eStatement software hasn’t been modernized, you’re losing important opportunities to connect with customers. Working with an eStatement service provider like Checkissuing is a cost-efficient way to improve your Accounts Receivable platform.
  • Find out which customers aren’t receiving your statement alerts and other emails so you can obtain their new or corrected email addresses.
  • Our eStatement team is here to serve you by answering questions and addressing issues as soon as they arise. We don’t just meet customer expectations; we exceed them.
  • Electronic delivery can provide a potential savings of 40-50 cents per recipient per month.
  • The convenience of the faster delivery of statements, notices, tax documents and newsletters gives your recipients no need to wait for the mail.
  • People love options and our PDF format is attractive and convenient for customers who want to quickly check their statements.
  • eStatements are ecofriendly, so by cutting down on paper usage, you will help conserve our natural resources and protect the environment.

Checkissuing Security

  • Your customer data is safe with us. We encrypt and transmit all sensitive information over a secure FTP, and our servers are monitored 24/7. Additionally, we conduct annual internal and external penetration testing.
  • In addition, using eStatements helps eliminate the possibility of statements and other documents being lost or stolen from your mailbox.

Fortunately for companies looking for new and affordable strategies, today’s statement services are significantly more robust than their predecessors. This efficient extension of an Accounts Receivable solution can benefit your company in numerous ways, ranging from reducing production costs and increasing ROI to building brand equity and enhancing your customers’ overall multi-channel experience. Done right, eStatements are powerful business tool that can increase customer acquisition, retention and loyalty–and lead to higher adoption rates from those who currently prefer paper-based documents.

The product of constant upgrades and refinements, Checkissuing offers a full-featured package used by top-tier financial services companies across the nation, including banks, credit unions, brokerages and insurance companies.

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