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About CheckIssuing’s Healthcare Processing and Outsourcing

Improving financial performance while keeping a patient based focus leaves little room for error. We help you simplify the look of your patient statements to reduce confusion. When your patients understand their bills, they stay on top of them and pay faster. To help address business challenges and keep your time where it’s needed most, many are outsourcing their medical invoice processing and mailing services to providers like CheckIssuing.

CheckIssuing’s HIPAA-Compliant healthcare statement printing and mailing services can help your hospital, clinic, or medical practice accelerate the revenue cycle and reduce the cost of printing and mailing healthcare documents. Our patient communications portal for healthcare providers integrates simply with most leading hospital practice management systems. We provide effective solutions that can stimulate collections, comply with emerging regulations, and manage your patient statement printing with optimal billing efficiency. Our customer service at CheckIssuing would be more than happy to answer any of your questions or give you a healthcare solutions demo today.

We offer features unlike most labels for a creative and futuristic way for you to customize, create, and brand yourself- while keeping a high security profile. Changing record details, patient assortment to creating watermarks- our mobile healthcare and medical and online customer portals are simple for your staff to operate. Notifications and automation are new services that are being utilized more and more often with technology in our hands, and setting it up with us is easy!

CheckIssuing has the flexibility and scalability to grow with you and your medical invoicing services and needs, so you never have to lose focus on what’s important. Contact CheckIssuing today to request a fast, no-obligation quote for your healthcare bill printing and mailing services.
Learn about the features we offer in our healthcare solutions and the direct benefits you will gain, here.

Benefits of CheckIssuing’s Healthcare Outsourcing and Solutions

When you choose CheckIssuing, we make sure you know you made the right decision to accelerate and increase your payments. The benefits of our Healthcare outsourcing program for our customers and their practice are limitless. We guarantee lower overhead with reduced printing and mailing costs. Our statements are easy to understand, which results in easy billing for patients.

Save Time and Money

  • Most flexible and custom statement solution on the market.
  • Put customers first and reduce patient phone inquiries to your service center with easy-to-read statements and prompt notifications.
  • Save your practice and staff many valuable hours with automated statements, phone calls, emails, text messages, just about anything.

Notifications and Automation

No one benefits from a manual phone call anymore when it comes to reminders and something so routine. Set up phone, text message or email reminders to patients and staff in a designated time frame before their appointment or statement is due, and more with this new outsourcing feature. Automated notifications greatly reduce the amount of missed appointments and payments, and lets staff spend time in office and off the phone.

Explanation of Healthcare Benefits (EOB) and Evidence of Healthcare Coverage (EOC)

These statements are produced by health insurance companies to covered individuals explaining what medical treatments and/or services the plan covers, how much you pay, and more. They can be attached to statements to provide patients their breakdown immediately.

Data-driven, Patient-friendly Electronic Solutions

70% of patients prefer online-access to avoid phone calls and lengthy office waits. Patient statements are viewable online at all times through our easy-to-use customer portal. Staff can monitor patient data to answer any questions and access statements in office, weekends, or any emergency 24/7. Our portal was recently updated and very simple to operate, but we are more than thrilled to walk you through any step of the way! Ask us for a web version demo today.

Seamless Integration

CheckIssuing interfaces with 99% of today’s EHR and PMS software applications. Your statement should be based on your patients and practice needs, not your software capabilities. Allow one of our representatives to do your initial set-up, prepare your login for the self-serving online portal, and walk you through any other step of the process in just a few easy clicks.

Healthcare Statement Inserts (Color & Black/White):

Statement inserts are an inexpensive and attention-grabbing way to communicate time-sensitive health and medical information, services, and more to patients and staff. Create a custom design or choose from our display of templates. Since you are already sending the statement, there will be no added postage cost.

Vast Customization for High Security and Branding

Create custom messages and provide a unique watermark print on important practice information for optimal security with your most precious medical documents. Your document is a piece of branding and a representation of your company; we give you the tools to do so in any creative way you see fit.


Contact us today to get a demo and find out how we can help with your Healthcare Statement Printing and Mailing needs!