How To Improve Your Small Business Facebook Marketing

//How To Improve Your Small Business Facebook Marketing

How To Improve Your Small Business Facebook Marketing

improve your facebook marketingFacebook is the epicenter of the Internet, next to Google. The two combine to consume most of everyone’s social and even work-related Internet time.

Facebook has become a social fascination in many ways. The facebook site is a database of user activity, such as wants, needs, interest, demographics and even what makes them laugh.

Naturally, conquering this facebook territory as a small business owner would seem to be an obvious strategy. Most any business can benefit from Facebook marketing, even if that marketing is small in scale.

But Facebook marketing, to the novice, can seem a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to, though; with tons of online articles and tutorials, any small business owner is capable of going to their facebook login and start Facebook marketing. I know, you came here only focused on patient statement printer for your medical accounts payable department, but hey, don’t fret, this is great facebook information.

Here are a few ways to approach Facebook marketing.

Consider the time.

Time is a huge marketing weapon. When are the customers or clients you seek to promote to online? You don’t want to run ads at 3 am an Eastern time when your business clients aren’t online until the later in the morning. But time is a double edge sword because higher volume, more popular times, might raise bid rates for your ads. So what do you do? Well, you don’t want to market to anyone, that won’t make any financial sense. Find all the hours which work and test them all out. See which times make the most sense and then devote more spend to those slots.

Have a goal.

Are you trying to build more Facebook page likes so you can market to these clients and customers in the future? Or are you trying to send them to your site and offer them a service, or collect an email? Have a goal. Create a pitch. Refine that pitch. Work to make sure that you convert your clients, in whatever way you choose, in the most optimal ways. Test landing pages. Test the pitch on your Facebook ad. Do the work. Small changes often mean huge revenue upticks and a lot more user engagement.

Pictures matter.

When it comes to Facebook, people are mindlessly scrolling. If your picture sucks, your ad is dead. You need to catch their eye with a great facebook image first and foremost. Choose images that pop and images that best represent your business. Images of strength, accomplishments, such as mountain climbing or a tall building, might spark interest. There are lots of ideas. You want to test multiple facebook photos for the best response.

Words matter.

Write text that’s quality. Test different versions of the text on Facebook. Maybe even consult a copywriter or look at what the competition is doing? Just try.



BUSINESS: Here Are 4 Ways To Screw Up Facebook Ads

Social media is where it’s at, right? For the most part, particularly in the case of the social media giant, Facebook, that’s certainly true. The problem with saying this is that it causes almost every small business to dive into the Facebook social media waters without a life preserver. And that causes mayhem and serious financial losses, as well as time waste.

The problem is that many of these small businesses simply have no plan for growing their business on Facebook. Instead, they opt to just “buy ads” recklessly or hope to hit the viral jackpot. This often leads to a series of mistakes which make buying Facebook repair a bit, well, wasteful and useless.

Let’s look at a few ways things can go wildly wrong with your Facebook ads.

Not spending any money on ad buys: If your business is new and/or your Facebook page representing your business is new, you almost certainly need to promote it in order to get some support to it. Sure, you can mail out social media cards (or put them in your check envelopes using Check Issuing’s services), but you may still need to give it some financial juice. Depending on a big viral hit to grow your page is almost a pipe dream.

Not filtering your ads: When you do buy ads, make sure you filter them. If you don’t have any use for people from India liking your site, then filter them out. Just because those LIKES are cheaper, it doesn’t mean they do your page any good. In fact, if the people you buy to LIKE your page aren’t actively looking at your page’s content, Facebook will bury your page and no one will ever see it.

Make sure you pay attention to geo, gender, age, and interest when you buy ads.

Not having a content plan: Lots of people get LIKES to their page, but then never update it. The longer your page stays dead, the quicker Facebook will remove your page from those people’s feeds. Sure, they still technically “LIKE” your page, but when you do finally post messages and content, they aren’t likely to see it.

Make sure you at least have an idea of daily posts you can make on the page, even if that’s just images.

Not optimizing your ads: How are your ads performing? Don’t just let a facebook and go on vacation. Make sure you follow-up and check out the results. If the results aren’t up to snub, tweak them. Maybe the age range is too broad? Maybe you didn’t dive deep enough into the interest of the people you are promoting your page to?

Pay attention to the stats and the results and make darn sure you optimize your page based on the information revealed.

Facebook is great, no doubt, but you need a plan in order to make it really work.

A Few Ways To Improve Your Facebook Newsfeed Experience.

People are annoying (at least they can be). And I’m not talking about my friends. Or my coworkers. Just the rest of the world. Whether it be that weird conspiracy theorist friend or that news site that now reports on nothing but the Kardashians, Facebook mobile can be a bad experience.

The first order in improving your Facebook newsfeed experience is to start unfollowing people (notice I didn’t say deleting friends permanently poop dad).

This way, the person has no idea you are ignoring them. How amazing is that? The bliss of the online world is that you can ignore someone without them even knowing it. Brilliant! This is not the same as deleting people, which they eventually discover and you get to have that awkward moment where you are both in the same room, and they start drinking and bring it up, and then you have to pretend it was an error on Facebook because you would “never do that.”

Some Facebook pages suck. They didn’t always suck, but for whatever reason, they started to suck. So visit their page and unfollow them.

It is that simple to do. You can also “hide all post” directly from your feed by clicking that little upside down arrow in the upper right-hand portion of the post, but doing it my way just chops the head off of the chaos. Oh, and here’s a tip, if you love a page, like our Check Issuing Facebook page, go ahead and check “all on.” Do that. It feels fantastic. You want to feel fabulous, don’t you?

Finally, there is my favorite way to make my newsfeed a beautiful experience. You can simply prioritize your content. If you are on Facebook, in the upper right hand of the page, you will see a drop-down arrow. Click that. Next, click the “Newsfeed preferences” option. After that, a blissful popup arrives on your screen as if it were sent from the heavens.

How amazing is that? You know that word secretary that constantly post about her DIY cat liter projects? You can easily and swiftly remove her facebook account.

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