The Top Reasons Why Employees Leave

//The Top Reasons Why Employees Leave

The Top Reasons Why Employees Leave

hiring tips from HR expertsIt’s far more than making your employees happy for the moment. Many people in this world are planners, and planners like to know what is going to happen in the future. If you are having trouble keeping employees around these might be some of the reasons why.

Why Employees Leave

You’re Not Promoting Your Employees

No wonder they want to leave! It hurts really bad when someone new is brought in when the employees you already have is not even considered. Why would you even look outside of the box right off the bat? Of course, there are times that it is a must to hire employees from outside, but there are also times that you should take a long hard look at your surroundings and start there. Keep in mind that the employees that you already have know the ins and outs of the company already, so if they are a skill or two short, it might be worth it to train them.  This will also benefit you as the employer. You can take as little or long as you like transferring them from one position over to the other.

You’re Not Thinking About Your Employees Career

Your employees want to grow and succeed in their career, it is important to them and should be to you as well. Trust us, they would prefer continuing in their career within your company. Get to know the employees who work for you. Learn of your employee’s strengths and what goals they have. This way, you will know if it is a good fit on both ends. It will be much easier for both you and your employees to determine the type of plan that allows them to grow. Another way to groom your employees is to offer training and leadership programs. This way you are investing in their future and they are trusting you more and more.

You’re Not Allowing Your Employees Success to Relate To The Success Of The Company

Let’s be real here. We all like to be a part of the success, especially when we should be. Think about it, you pay your employees and they go with the motions. But don’t you think they would be more interested if they knew they were connected to the results? A great benefit in addition to compensation is shares and stock options. This really makes an employee feel as though they are an important part of the entire machine. There will always be levels at companies, but it is important to know that everyone is equal in participating in the final score.


Understanding What Your Employees Want.

You have probably noticed that it is tough to keep your top talent around. Heck, it is even difficult to find exactly the type of talent you are looking for. When going through endless resumes and choosing who you would like to interview, you are often looking for some particular skills, character traits, and experience. Well, these candidates are looking for a few things as well. And not just a job. They want more. If you hope to steer clear of a revolving door of employees, you should listen up. Let’s discuss a few things that your potential candidates and current employees are looking for in today’s world.


The opportunity to grow is sometimes even more important than salary. Most people would rather make less, in the beginning, knowing that later on they will move up and be a crucial part of the company. This is if they are kicking the butt of course! It is our human nature to want to improve and better ourselves. Why would we want to take a job and get stuck? That is a fear of too many people out there. Taking a job somewhere that will ultimately be a career is much more appetizing.


I know, it seems foreign, right? It’s a tough one, but boy is it worth it. It is best if you are clear and concise with tasks, instead of just telling people to do something. You defining what is to be done and why will drive your employees and lead them to trust you. Why? Because then they see a purpose for not only what they are doing, but for themselves and their future with the company. Not to mention the fact that it gives a much better understanding of what is actually happening in the business.


There is no “I” in Team folks. We all love a little peace and quiet from time to time, but never working with employees can be quite boring and rather lonely. Team building and teamwork can be gratifying  The environment created fuels for each individual. This also teaches everyone to take responsibility for their part in the teamwork. Expand your team’s productivity by contacting us for payroll services quotes.


You definitely want to hear what people have to say. There should be a level of fairness no matter what position somebody holds. Everyone wants a part and most certainly employees want to have a voice and say. Obviously, you have the choice to say Yes, No or Maybe So, but why not enrich yourself and have everyone chipping in. You might be surprised by how much talent you have sitting in your conference room.



 Is Your Company Kind To Employees? It Should Be.

Have you noticed that people tend to engage more when there is a sense of loyalty? When a community is formed throughout an entire company, success happens. So obviously the opposite of this would be employees who do not feel cared for or important. That my friends would equal less success. It’s your choice. I would choose a caring culture because everyone wins. This does not mean you have to run a sappy company where no work gets done. It simply means there are a few day-to-day tweaks to be made. A little goes a long way and we want to share a few secrets that can transform your company immediately.

Be Welcoming

Most people are not trying to be annoying when they want to meet with you. Sometimes they just need advice or have a question. Obviously, your time is valuable and nobody wants to waste it. But you don’t want to be THAT boss. The one that people don’t want to look eye to eye with. Try to allow walk-ins into your office for an hour a day. It doesn’t hurt to stay involved with what everyone is working on either. You want to trust your employees to start and finish their daily work but glitches might be found on different levels if you open your ears. At the very least, you can build better relationships with your employees which will make them happier. Happiness leads to all of the right feelings which eventually stir up success. Note: do not just have a daily meeting with everyone, it is not the same.

Ask The Grand Scheme

It is never too late to learn where your company fits into employees’ lives. It is not just about where an individual fits in with the company. With some people, you might be a starting point or a side step. While others might want to climb and climb until they retire with you. Either way, so many wonderful things can come out of knowing. Perhaps an employee eventually work on the client side at another company (or starts their own!), this could mean more future business for the company. Being kind and caring can build lifelong relationships and partnerships.

Provide Mentoring

Provide mentors at your company. It can be a terrific means of gathering advice when needed. And often times it is just what we need. Both Mentors and Mentees benefit from this. You will see that there is a greater sense of loyalty when mentoring is available. Think about it, as much as they want to talk to you and other managers (and they will if you let them in as stated above), sometimes it might be easier to say something to a mentor instead. Maybe even gather advice on how to approach a situation with a manager or boss. This keeps all means of communication open for everyone at the company even when making mistakes.

You put your all into your company and so do your employees. Making employees feel cared for and keeping lines of communication open will define a much more kind and welcoming atmosphere. Along with this will come employees who stay longer and want to work harder. In addition, everyone involved will strive for success daily. It’s a Win-Win situation.

Cost Effective Pieces Of Happiness For Employees

Every company is different, and not all have happy employees. There can be a variety of reasons for this. Let’s focus on the number 1 reason that you might have some disgruntled employees walking around. Salary and Benefits. It’s a tough thing to deal with. Perhaps the company can’t afford to pay for raises. Or maybe we just can’t always get what we want. There are a number of cost-effective benefits that can be discussed to sprinkle some happiness in your office.

Schedule Options

A flexible schedule (if done correctly) can be a simple benefit with little or no cost at all. Allow employees options to either work from home on certain days or change their hours to accommodate their school-age kids and their activities. This can reduce a lot of stress on certain employees and save them some money as well. As long as the work is completed, there should be no risk with this benefit. Obviously, there has to be a lot of trust on both ends.


Personal time off programs should for sure be offered. If you don’t offer one, it is not cool. People get sick, have personal issues to handle and simply need a day off every once in a while. Your company shouldn’t be compared to jail. If you do offer a PTO, maybe up the days a bit. At least have an appropriate amount of days per year. I’ve worked for places that simply do not allow time off and to be honest, it puts everyone in a very awkward position when life happens, and often times it does. Obviously, everyone has to work and I am not saying to let employees do what they want all day every day, just that they deserve a paid day off here and there…even if it IS because they have the flu.


I know we just discussed PTO’s, but that is different from vacations/holidays. Are you having trouble keeping people on staff? Consider vacation time and holidays off as an employee benefit. Vacation days are planned and properly timed days off. Typically employees accrue days as they work longer and longer for a company so it is definitely a perk when all of a sudden you have accumulated multiple days.

So there you have it, a few more reasons for your employees to smile and maybe even stay a while.  Read our payroll service bureau software reviews.





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