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Checkissuing is one of the top rebate fulfillment companies in America, specializing in refund check processing, incentive and reward program management.

Our rebate fulfillment services provide immediate access to payouts and transactions, as well as offering manufacturers promotions and payout management services.

Success in rebate programs has many parts including good database management, processing, and custom software. Free your company from time-intensive tasks such as opening envelopes, entering data and mailing checks. Instead, let our fulfillment center contribute to your marketing campaign success.

Using discounts offers advantages and stimulates sales by offering your customers the benefit of a temporary discount on an item. Also, rebates are an incentive to collect valuable consumer information to better understand your buyers. Inc magazine recommends this effective strategy and shares rebate program examples.

Savvy businesses use our rebate processing to manage discount payments retroactively to customers. These discounts are based on conditions that are defined in the purchase agreement. The marketing goal of rebates if to build long-term customer relationships with these incentives. An example of an effective program is that of volume rebate examples which can often generate more sales than traditional advertising.

Rebate Fulfillment Services include:

  • Rebate and refund check printing and mailing
  • Sweepstakes, games, contests
  • Tax refund check processing
  • Survey and polling
  • P.O. Box address provisioning
  • Rebate receiving and sorting
  • Data entry for rebate details
  • Email updates to customer
  • Rebate customer service
  • Rebate order processing
  • Back office rebate processing
  • Laser printing for clear, easy-to-read checks
  • Integrated kit-making with rebate programs
  • Digital/web programming, production, and hosting
  • Continuity and loyalty
  • Coupon mailing
  • Direct marketing Services
  • Risk Management / Compliance
    • Unclaimed Property Management
    • Escheat Remittance and Reporting

Today’s customers are savvier than ever, and they expect an easy submission experience that’s personalized to them. From submission access (mobile, online and mail-in) to every touch point in between. We know that you have a choice of rebate companies, so here’s why we should be your fulfillment service companies. Our expertise lies in fulfillment services for startups because we are an entrepreneurial minded company.

There are different types of fulfillment services, such as warehouse fulfillment offering shipping e-commerce online store orders. Our sole focus is on business rebates and incentive program payments of checks or ACH/Wire transfers directly to your customers.


Benefits of Outsourcing Your Rebate Processing include:

  • Cost effective incentive program
  • A wide array of services that fulfills all your program requirements
  • Enhanced accounts team and strategic marketing team
  • Regular analysis of online data
  • Expert personnel
  • Minimize rebate processing cost
  • Heightened financial management that reduces financial risks
  • Best-in-class customer service
  • Verify coupons and/or orders as necessary
  • Efficiently deliver your payments, electronically or physically
  • Store, warehouse and ship your rebate offer, if it is a physical and not electronic rebate
  • Manage all details from data entry to answering customer questions about your offer
  • Provide market and customer data reports, delivered on your desired schedule
  • Freedom of choice between paper-based or web-based paperless rebate management systems


How to Make Rebate Processing a Win for Your Company

A winning promotion campaign is a great way for your company to increase sales, build brand awareness and get new repeat customers. It also can be a losing proposition, with high administrative costs, due to the labor-intensive and complex processing required to coordinate rebate payments properly. Win the marketing game by hiring us, one of the best fulfillment services for your incentive-based campaigns.

Improve your incentive programs ROI by outsourcing your fulfillment and administration of rebates to our professionals.

Full Services – Rebate management has multiple processes for its successful completion such as; scanning, generating and issuing checks, online rebate processing and the use of specialized rebate optimizer software. Most firms do not have these capabilities, software or trained personnel to effectively be an in-house fulfillment center.

Data Collection – Much of the corporate value of rebate programs is in the data obtained including; customer contact, product preferences, and demographic sales patterns. Thus accurate, centralized data collection is a key element of well-managed rebate programs. Having access to this cental database of rich marketing information will help you make better, more-informed business decisions.

Administrative – Even though most rebates are relatively small amounts of money, the time requires to process them typically is the same as sending invoices worth thousands of dollars. We understand this and that your rebate processing and fulfillment costs need to be as low as possible, while still maintaining high-quality customer interactions.


Rebate Fulfillment Center Process

  • Website and Form Design
  • Design Data Capture Process Implementation
  • Design Printing and Distribution System
  • Verify coupons and/or orders as necessary
  • Efficiently deliver your rebate, electronically or physically
  • Store, warehouse and ship your offer, if it is a physical and not electronic rebate
  • Manage all details from data entry to answering customer questions about your offer
  • Provide market and customer data reports, delivered on your desired schedule
  • Freedom of choice of paper-based or web-based paperless rebate management systems
  • A website that allows users to fill out, submit, and track their payments online.
  • Workflow is used to route and track the rebates from initial creation to final payment.
  • Customized to meet the needs and workflow process of the various and specific types of your incentive program.
  • Roles are created to control access and authorization for varying access and responsibilities levels of the users.
  • Rebate Fields can be customized for the client’s specific needs.
  • Validation rules can be assigned to fields to ensure the data is valid before being submitted.
  • Custom reports available with export capabilities in formats, such as Excel and PDF.

By using Checkissuing as your refund fulfillment processor, you will enjoy fast, intelligent, secure and efficient payout services. Our clients say that we the top rebate processing companies in this industry, as we offer a strong partnership based on trust and successful fulfillment. Call us for a demonstration or supplier rebate example.


Contact us today to get a demo and find out how we can help with your rebate processing needs! Don’t forget to ask about our competitive fulfillment services pricing.