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Are Password Managers Safe?

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A question we are often asked. Are password managers safe, and if so should I be using one to store my passwords? You definitely don’t want to store passwords in files on your computer that anyone can access. Or even worse, on pieces of paper near other important items that anyone can see. It’s a tough one for sure. Everyone has a habit and it is hard to break out of it. Not going to lie, when I started using a password manager, it took a lot for me to get a grip. Now I could not be happier. I feel more organized as well. Here’s why.

Who wants to remember a humongous list of passwords? Why would anyone want to use their brain power to keep track of passwords? The truth is that more than ever we forget a password and have to retrieve it and sometimes we forget the answers to our security questions. It makes me crazy even thinking about it. When you use a password manager, you login to your manager website, and poof your life becomes easier than before. You use your master password to login instead of typing your password into the particular website. The password manager will automatically fill your login information into the website. I can’t stress enough how nice it is to no longer have to think about the username and password that you used for each and every website. Get this, when you are signing into a new account, the password manager gives you the option to generate a password. These are secure and very strong passwords.

In addition to URLs, logins and passwords, you have the ability to store other important information in each form. For example, you want to create a login for your high speed internet and there are all sorts of security questions and pins you need when you call for assistance. These can all be inserted into your password manager, as well as your account number, type, etc. This is all in a secure form. Everything you add is part of your manager and only accessible through your master password.

I recommend using a password manager. I personally use Last Pass, but there are others you can investigate. With all of the fraud and hacking it gives you a sense of safety. So yes, they are safe, but nothing is 100%. Although I am certain I am better off now then my old way of saving passwords and logins.



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