CheckIssuing is a leading company in check fulfillment of the rebate payout industry. offers manufacturers rebate promotions and management service, giving retailers a cost-effective solution for increasing sales and volume. Our rebate processing services provide immediate access to rebate payouts and transactions, making it simple for consumers.

Using rebates offers many advantages: it stimulates sales by offering your customers the benefit of a temporary discount on an item and an incentive to collect valuable consumer information to know your customers better. Rebate management also allows you price protection on your items, while still moving forward with all of your products.

By use CheckIssuing  as your third party rebate processor, you will enjoy fast, intelligent and secure and effective rebate service. Rebate payment companies offer a reliable partnership based on trust and successful fulfillment’s. We offer a secure direct connection to our database through our API so you can enjoy timely branded communications with your customers.


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