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About Us

Founded in 2008, Checkissuing is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a combined 75+ years of experience in the payment and security industry and a strong operational team, dedicated customer service representatives, and a development team that is dedicated to improving our systems and technology in order to provide innovative solutions for our clients.

We strive in providing secure and innovative payout solutions for businesses. We provide companies innovative solutions for outsourcing their checks, statements, and other document printing and mailing services, as well as offering ACH/Wire payment solutions.


We take pride in having a very user-friendly interface for our clients to navigate. Our Development Teams ensures a smooth experience, whether it is through our API Solution, or CSV/PDF file upload features through our secure administration system.

The process starts with filling out our form and a Sale Representative will contact you with an Application. Here is where you will provide our team with your banking information. Micro Deposits will then be sent to that account for due diligence on our end.

You will then be passed along to an Account Respresentative, who will be committed in helping you get your account set up correctly, and ensure your Payment and Documents batches consistently run efficiently. Your Account Representative will also be there to help you make a custom check template with your company’s logo branded on it if wanted.

You are then ready to Upload. Track. & Relax. There are no monthly minimums or processing fees with Checkissuing, therefore, you will only pay for what you print. Using Checkissuing guarantees saving time, labor and resources, leaving you more time to focus on more important aspects of your business.


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Contact Info

1835 E. 6th St., Suite 24
Tempe, AZ 85281

Toll Free: 1-866-535-3954

Support Email: support@checkissuing.com

Sales Email: sales@checkissuing.com