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What Is Mobile Deposit and How Does It Work?

With the innovation of many revolutionizing technologies in the modern world, the way we carry out our banking has been drastically changed.

Before, you would have to line up in long queues to make a deposit or pay a few bills. This would make going to the bank a tedious and boring […]

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What Is a Mail in Rebate and How Does It Work?

Mail-in rebates are a common form of cash rebates, alongside instant, online, credit card, and cash rebates. Typically consisting of sending forms through the mail, the mail-in rebate is a tactic used by manufacturers to attract more price-sensitive shoppers to their product line while minimizing the amount of the discount that they would […]

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What Are the Consequences of Depositing a Fake Check?

Each year, roughly 500 million checks are forged. While a number of these checks are written intentionally, even people who are not knowingly writing false checks themselves may accidentally come into possession of a fraudulent check. Since this is a wide-spread problem, understanding how banks handle fraudulent check deposits will help you protect […]

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What Are Security Envelopes and What Are They Used For?

In all likelihood, you’ve seen a security envelope before, but you may not have known what it was, why companies use it or how it is significant in protecting your data. Companies that choose to mail sensitive documents should, ideally, use these security envelopes to ensure private information stays private. Here are answers […]

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How Does Direct Deposit Work for Tax Refund?

When you file your taxes, you may notice that you have a few different options for collecting your refund. For most taxpayers, direct deposit is the quickest and easiest way of getting a tax return. If you are thinking of using this method, it can be helpful to know how does direct deposit […]

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How to Set up Direct Deposit? Can You Direct Deposit Yourself?

Direct deposit creates an effective way of transferring money electronically. You won’t think about running to the bank every month to cash your checks. Direct deposits enable you to automatically process your paychecks and Social Security payments. Because of the electronic process, you will never worry about losing your paycheck, and the process […]

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What Are the Most Common Payroll Problems?

Getting your payroll out on time and correctly each month takes an investment of time and resources. Below are some common payroll problems that you could face in this area. You should anticipate these problems and have processes in place to deal with them. 

Incorrect Withholding for Taxes and Other Deductions Can Cause Payroll […]

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What Is a Purchase Order and How Does It Work?

Many businesses frequently order supplies from merchants and other third-party vendors. Typically, a business representative will need to fill out a purchase order to receive items and goods from the specified vendor. There is often a great deal of confusion related to how a purchase […]

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How to Void a Check in Quickbooks? Can You Void It?

There are several reasons why a company’s accounts payable department has checks and balances. One of the most important ones is to avoid mistakes. Another reason is to avoid sending out a double payment or having lost checks. This department has one main responsibility. It has to ensure that the correct payments are […]

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