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What Is a Purchase Order and How Does It Work?

Many businesses frequently order supplies from merchants and other third-party vendors. Typically, a business representative will need to fill out a purchase order to receive items and goods from the specified vendor. There is often a great deal of confusion related to how a purchase […]

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How to Void a Check in Quickbooks? Can You Void It?

There are several reasons why a company’s accounts payable department has checks and balances. One of the most important ones is to avoid mistakes. Another reason is to avoid sending out a double payment or having lost checks. This department has one main responsibility. It has to ensure that the correct payments are […]

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How to Measure Accounts Payable Performance: Top AP KPIs

If you cannot measure something, then you cannot judge how well you are meeting your goals. When evaluating your accounts payable metrics, you need to refer to the business goals to determine where you stand on your quest to accomplish them. 

This mindset can be applied to accounts payable KPI […]

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What Is a Class Action Settlement | How Much Can You Get From It?

What Is a Class Action Settlement How Much Can You Get From It

Have you received a notice via email or postcard letting you know you’re part of a class action lawsuit? This type of notification is sent to several people, which may number in the […]

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Business and Personal Blank Fillable Check Templates You Can Print

Business and Personal Blank Fillable Check Templates You Can Print

Whether you have a business or have your own personal checking account, there may be a time when you need a check. Enterprising companies are usually well-stocked because they have a large accounts payable department, but […]

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What Is Bpo? Business Process Outsourcing Meaning and Examples

What Is Bpo Business Process Outsourcing Meaning and Examples

Running a business involves a lot of moving parts. There are a number of different operational processes required to keep things running smoothly every day. It can be too much for you to manage yourself. There are […]

What Is AP Automation? Should You Automate Accounts Payable?

What Is AP Automation Should You Automate Accounts Payable

For any business to succeed, having an efficient and accurate accounting system is very important. Those that have good accounting functions in place will consistently know their current cash flow position, stay current with vendors, and have […]

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