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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable | Introduction It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, paying bills is almost certain to be a core component of what you do. You have to keep the business running and that almost certainly means paying out 3rd parties and vendors and clients. People don’t work for free. That’s why accounts payable is so incredibly important to a small business. Many small businesses decide to go this road on their lonesome. Like so many startups, everyone wants to save money and the easiest way to save money initially is to just do as much as you can yourself. I’ll admit, this has been the story of my life. However, times do change. Your business grows. And [...]

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CheckIssuing’s New Insert & Document Features

CheckIssuing's New Insert & Document Features LITTLETON, COLORADO, USA, April 5, 2017, / -- CheckIssuing has been known as a leading check printing and mailing company for businesses to outsources to since 2005. Recently they have jumped into a new industry with the launch of their new Insert & Document Features. Their development team has been very thorough and mindful as they dip their toes into the large industry of mass printing. CheckIssuing’s new Insert & Document Features have caught a lot of attention from their current clients, with many of them already utilizing the new feature. The Inserts and Documents they offer, (to be sent in along with the check payments or sent as individual pieces of mail) are; [...]

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How To Totally Screw Up An Interview Like A Champ

How To Screw Up An Interview Like A Champ You probably suck and no one really would ever hire you for any reason at all. That said, it couldn’t be any more important for you to not screw up with someone that’s been lured in by your inflated resume to talk to you about a potential job. But all too often, people in this day and age do screw up interviews. Seeing jobs aren’t a dime a dozen anymore, you can easily looked past for someone less of a screw up than you are. There are scores of ways people stay unemployed, but one of them should not be because you don’t comprehend how to approach a job interview. You [...]

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Standing Desk Might Be Silly…..MIGHT…

Standing Desk Might Be Silly.....MIGHT... Every time I see someone using one of those "standing desks," I can't help but think, "have a seat and take a load off." Standing desks have become these ultra-popular solutions for business people looking to relieve themselves of their sedentary lifestyle that apparently is a result of working. The fact is, most of us have to work. Unless you are living in a trust fund or some old person forgot to remove blocks of gold from the attic of the house you just purchased, you have to go to a job and do things and hopefully get paid for them. And that sucks. In order to make it suck less, people come up with [...]

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Why People Hate Your Emails | How To Stop Sucking At Email

Why People Hate Your Emails! I don't know why so many people can't figure out an email. Most businesses revolve around email use. Even our personal lives revolve around email. You need an active email if you want to buy Uggs on Amazon. Everyone uses email. The problem is, most people use it super obnoxiously wrong. Wrong emailers, like MLM sales people, are damn near everywhere these days. Bad emailing skills are so pervasive that we almost need a course on email skills. Or at the very list, one of those electronic wristbands that shock people for making bad email mistakes. When you screw up email, you ruin people's lives. And you alienate yourself from the herd. You become the [...]

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These Are The People That Make Trade Shows Suck!

The People That Make Trade Shows Suck! Trade Shows can sure be a beast. They suck the life out of you, let’s be honest. Booking hotels, paying for dinners, buying some stupid candle holder with a picture of the Vegas skyline on it, all cost much money. And no one likes spending money. Unless that money is spent on building your own private llama farm. Then that’s money well-spent and it felt darn good. Otherwise, trade shows can sure be for the birds. But what makes every trade show worse? Some of these people and things: Business Card Guy via GIPHY This is the guy that gives you a business card every time you see them during the trade show. [...]

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Winter Haters, Be Warned, You Might Be Serial Killers

Are People That Hate Winter Serial Killers! You live in Arizona or California, or even Florida. You are proud of your state. You love the weather, particularly right now when it is a bit more tamed down and moderate in temperature. Florida is a little less humid while still being warm. Arizona is a bit less sweltering while still being warm. You aren’t shoveling snow. But the rest of us are digging your douchery on Facebook. The annoying daily posts about how you live in a warm state and the rest of us live in a state that abides by the earth’s axis. The relationship with the sun is truly annoying. I’d rather it snow for days on my naked [...]

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These People Make Meetings Suck

Meetings are the epitome of time-waste. Most meetings accomplish about as much as a hamster spinning in a wheel. But there are certain types of people who make a bad situation totally worse. These are the people in meetings who drive me absolutely nuts. The People Who Make Meetings Suck Know any? The Meeting Prompter   This is the person who loves meetings. Probably because they are super bored from accomplishing nothing all day. You can only refresh that Facebook screen so many times until its the same political argument corking the top. They love to suggest more meetings. "I mean, we should just meet about this again separately." Meetings are their fuel. Meetings are their link to company relevance. [...]

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How Southwest Airlines Is Really Satan’s Portal

How Southwest Airlines Is Really Satan's Portal Flying. Boy, can it suck? But unless you are somehow able to travel thousands of miles across oceans and time zones using a really killer skateboard, you best figure out how to get along with the airline industry. Going to the airport is a similar experience to playing chess in a burning building, it is complicated, and you only have so much time until you are totally screwed. Southwest Airlines Is Satan’s Portal One of the most popular airlines is SouthWest Airlines. And for a good reason, they have lots of commercials on TV. Their commercials are energetic and fun. They make it seem as though if you fly on their planes, your [...]

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How To Work Squat At Starbucks Like A Boss

How To Work Squat At Starbucks Like A Boss I work a lot at Starbucks. For some reason, I really enjoy the comfort of those brown chairs they have. And Starbucks won't tell anyone where the heck someone could buy those chairs (I guess for them, it's the hook). But if you want to squat at Starbucks and use it as a cheap office, expect to have to navigate some pretty annoying things. Here's some helpful tips. You Need An Outlet   Power is everything if you intend upon working from Starbucks. A few hours in and all your technology will fail without Benjamin Franklin’s juice surging. Most Starbucks have a few positions which offer power. If you are in [...]

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Five Annoying Starbucks People

Five Annoying Starbucks People I happen to love working from Starbucks. The green awnings, the smell of South American beans that have been soaked in river water, the sounds of blenders changing the chemistry of dairy. It's a great place to muse and to write. I'm a writer, so I love the people watching that helps me cope with long articles. I think of other people the same way as I think of violent predator animals: they are fun to watch, but distance is important. Like, super important. And sitting at Starbucks isn't without risks. Here are some people and situations at Starbucks and my advice on how to handle them without dying. Someone Ask You What You Are Drinking [...]

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Why Your Facebook Statuses Suck And Annoy People

Why Your Facebook Statuses Suck And Annoy People Facebook is one of the greatest modern social accomplishments of our time. It is the group think, but it also allows us to flourish as unique individuals. I love Facebook because it allows me the ability to keep up with business colleagues as easily as it allows me to remember to wish my old high school buddy happy birthday. I don’t have to see everyone all the time. I don’t have to talk to everyone all the time. It wasn’t that long ago that if you didn’t speak to someone for a few years, you missed out on kids and new jobs and moves (the list goes on forever). But Facebook changed [...]

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