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What is an eCheck? All About Electronic Check Payment

Making payments electronically is one of technology’s future gifts we can enjoy in the present day. In fact, most people already utilize electronic payment systems without knowing it. Gym memberships, for example, are often referred to as automated payments but really, they’re fulfilled via electronic checks. 

While eChecks are easy to use […]

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All You Need to Know About Bank Routing Numbers

Just like you have nine digits assigned to your identity, your bank account has nine digits to identify it and cement its association with you. This unique numerical string is known as your routing number.

While routing numbers are typically undiscussed outside of sending and receiving money to your bank account, […]

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The History of RDC – Remote Deposit Capture

The establishment of the Clearing for the 21st Century Act, widely known as Check 21 Act has, as we have previously noted, summoned a variety of conveniences in America’s everyday money-moving. The very process of banking institutions’ mutual check clearing started relying significantly on electronic, […]

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How to Send and Receive Checks by Fax?

Can you fax a check? Yes! In fact, one of the most common ways today to send a check is by fax, and it is an excellent option for secure delivery to a check recipient. In fact, sending and receiving checks by fax is one of the most preferred ways for companies to accept payments.
By […]

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What is the Positive Pay System?

Check-related frauds have been around since the inception of using checks for extending funds. Many individuals, businesses, and companies experienced fraudulent behavior such as check kiting and other forms of scams; because of this, most banking institutions’ Cash Management departments offer Positive Pay System. This automated tool’s main […]

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Why Businesses Should Outsource Their Bookkeeping?

There are no doubts: it is very challenging to lead any sort of business, no matter its size and influence. Several factors, including not circulating the same amounts of money as large businesses, understaffing and having multiple types of work at a single job position can turn an otherwise exciting and fulfilling experience […]

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Printing Checks from Quickbooks Online – How to Do it?

There is a lot to be thankful for in the era when the automatization made almost every aspect of our daily lives exponentially simpler, faster, and less of a pain in the neck. Bookkeeping and accounting, as an utterly significant branch of every business imaginable, prospered incomparably with the introduction of the computer […]

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Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act – What is Check 21?

On October 28th of 2003, Federal law implemented a new act under the 108th Congress of the United States – an act that would, with the day of its effect inception exactly a year later, completely revolutionize America’s everyday monetary policy and overall extending of funds. We are, of course, talking about The […]

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e-Check vs ACH Payments – Which is Better?

New payment methods are emerging constantly with the rise of technology and automation. And while there is a palette of choices on how to handle and extend your finances, among the most popular ones, and for a good reason, are ACH and e-Checks. Keep reading – we are here to help […]

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What are eStatements – Benefits and Drawbacks

Signing up for paperless statements saves time, space, and trees; however, we cannot help ourselves but ask – is it completely worth it? Once you go paperless, your statements will not be delivered in your mailbox. Instead, you will be getting them in your e-mail inbox.

Read […]

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