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7 ACH Processing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Automatic clearing house (ACH) payments can be a convenient way of transferring funds electronically. However, their convenience does not mean they are entirely foolproof. Just like any other electronic payment, you run the risk of encountering fraud. Furthermore, a few simple mistakes can mean you will pay way more than you should be […]

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What Is ACH Deposit and How It Works

The first thing that you should know about ACH direct deposits is that they are one method that you can use to electronically transfer funds into your checking or savings account. With an ACH direct deposit, you can get paid by a state or federal agency or by your employer quickly. Typically, you […]

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How to Print Bulk Checks – 101 Guide

The costs that your business has to pay when it comes to printing checks can vary quite a bit depending on several factors. The average cost for your business to print a paper check is roughly $6 per check. The first area of the cost when it comes to printing paper checks is […]

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How to Pay With an Electronic Check?

The concept of electronic checks has been around for many years. Their popularity rivals that of credit cards on websites across the world. The electronic check, or echeck, is an excellent alternative to the old paper checks as it easily facilitates the process of paying for services.

The Beginnings

When checks first emerged […]

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What Does ACH Stand for in Online Banking?

What does ACH stand for? ACH is a major contributor to the U.S. financial system. An overwhelming majority of people complete millions of business transactions daily with little knowledge of the impact of ACH. It is one method of money moving successfully from one account to the other.

Each mode of currency, […]

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What Is a Digital Check and How to Send It?

Digital checks are reliable, convenient, and easy to use. If you’ve never sent this type of check before, you should strongly consider using one as a substitute for cash or a regular check. However, since digital checks are basically coding, they have different risks and requirements. If you learn all about digital checks […]

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Can You Track Fedex Package Without Tracking Number?

FedEx is one of the more popular shipping companies in the world. Not only can you ship gifts to loved ones, but you can ship packages when you sell items online, too. Those who sell on eBay often find that FedEx offers competitive rates when compared to USPS and other shipping providers. Don’t […]

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How to Setup a Check Printing API?

With a growing economy, businesses must remain competitive and quickly get up to speed to attract consumers. Accountants must pay corporate vendors, and your most valuable commodity, company time, is precious. With an online payroll outsourcing system, you can get ahead in the race by […]

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