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Everything You Should Know About Same-Day Check Printing

Once upon a time, checks were one of the standard forms of payment in many businesses. Today, many customers prefer digital transactions – to the point where many people no longer even own a checkbook. Still, there are plenty of situations in which a check is the only accepted method of payment, including […]

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How to Write a Check With Cents and Dollars?

In this day and age, handwritten checks might seem like antiquated financial technology. However, there are occasions when nothing else will do. For example, your apartment manager is unlikely to accept cash payments. Venmo is also unlikely to make the cut. So, it’s still important to know how to write checks by hand, […]

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What to Look for in Rebate Management Companies

A rebate is merely the amount paid as a partial refund to someone after they complete a purchase. When your company manages rebates effectively, it helps build better relationships with your clients. The main aim is to reward customers who make more purchases by offering them better margins. However, rebate management is a […]

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Everything You Should Know About Disbursement Check

Disbursement is simply the act of paying out money. It is a payment one makes to another individual or company. Disbursements usually refer to payments involving cash, cash equivalent, or electronic money transfer. Examples of disbursements include dividend payments, cash expenditures, paying monthly bills, payroll expenses, and money paid out to run a […]

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How to Print Checks – A Business Owners Guide

As a business owner, if you intend to employ more than one person, you’ll likely need to understand the check printing process. Business owners who have never worked payroll often find that learning how the printing process works can be somewhat overwhelming. To simplify the […]

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Outsource Check Printing Services – What Are the Main Benefits

Business processes are shifting during the current virtual revolution. Meetings and work are being conducted remotely in ever-increasing volumes. As the shift to virtual conferences and offsite work increases, traditional business processes like in-house check writing are becoming increasingly cumbersome and costly, leading many companies to consider outsource check printing services.

For businesses who are unable […]

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5 Right Rebate Partner Selection Tips

Rebates are a powerful marketing tool that can grow your market base and improve revenue when handled properly. Rebate check processing that is poorly managed can have the opposite effect and lose you not just money but customers as well. There are several key factors to the right rebate partner for your business.

Why […]

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Benefits of Taking ACH Payments

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy if you take ACH payments. Keep reading and see how useful taking ACH payments can prove for you and your business.

ACH Payments Are Convenient

One of the benefits of ACH payments is that they are quite convenient for everyone. If your customers make […]

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Echeck Vs Paper Check: The Primary Differences

We’ve come a long way from barter trade to electronic cash transfers. Today, there are countless ways to pay bills and purchase items, yet the biggest controversy among businesses is whether to use regular checks or e-checks.

To run your business efficiently, you need a seamless payment method. To help you decide […]

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