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Statement Printing and Mailing Services

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Businesses, banks and other financial institutions outsource their bank statement printing and mailing services to us for convenience, flexability and cost savings.  Our print and mail outsourcing services are award winning and have the right combination of good quality and reasonable pricing. We use advanced technologies in automation to get you the maximum postal discounts possible for your mailings. Plus our barcode tracking and USPS postal services, such as address cleansing and verification, ensure your best delivery rates.

The CheckIssuing system, famous for check printing, can be seamless with yours: by plugging directly into your existing bank statement printing services application through our API. Get a user-friendly billing statement processing service that delivers groundbreaking productivity and billing results that can have a powerful impact on your bottom-line. This type of business integration is key when selecting amongst print outsourcing companies for your bill printing services contract. We also offer utility bill printing and mailing services in addition to invoice printing and mailing services.



Benefits of Outsourced Printing Services For Your Business

Customer communications, such as bank statement printers, is a proven business operation that is most successfully outsourced to qualified firms, such as ourselves, to save costs, time and reduce risks.

Eliminate Equipment Costs – Your company saves substantial capital by not having to invest in expensive, specialized printing and mailing equipment. Outsourcing to a monthly statement processing company allows you to utilize advanced equipment for only the amount of time needed to complete your specific job.

Reduce Personnel – Sparing your firm the expensive of employees performing labor and time demanding tasks, keeps your personnel budget lean and efficient.

Risk Avoidance – When you outsource you shift liability to us for many compliance regulations.

Greater Security – Increased security regulations can be complex and difficult to implement in-house. As you outsourced print and mail services we have the highest level of data security and compliance already in place.

Improve Quality – We pride ourselves on top quality and an address error rate of almost nil! Our expert quality control directors inspect all print and mail jobs twice to be sure of accuracy. Combine that with our delivery accuracy tools such as NCOA and address cleansing to achieve the highest levels of quality in outsourcing printing services.


  • Accelerate and enhance receivables with one-business-day my account statement print and mail turnaround and simple, to-the-point bills and invoices.
  • Improve delivery accuracy with USPS NCOA statement address cleansing and verification and USPS bulk mail rates, we also offer USPS bulk mail non-profit.
  • Customize your messaging down to the individual statement or invoice with advanced variable print tools.
  • Delight customers and reduce phone inquiries to your service center with easy-to-read reports and on-demand payment channels
  • Billing statement template and invoice template are available

In addition to our outsourced print management for financial institutions, we also offer healthcare patient statement printing and mailing. HIPAA-compliant our statement printing clients include hospitals, dental and medical practices, and health insurance companies. EOB Healthcare benefit explanation statements integrate with most hospital and practice management software systems. We provide effective solutions that can stimulate collections, comply with emerging regulations, and manage your patient statement printing with optimal billing efficiency.

Our outsourced print management services provide advanced automation for maximum postal discounts, Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) tracking integration, and presorting to ensure faster delivery.

We help companies process the following types of statements:

  • Invoices
  • Bank Statements
  • Documents
  • Brochures
  • Personalized Letters
  • Collection Letters
  • Tax notices and bills
  • Rental invoices
  • Utility Bills
  • Letters
  • Loans, Notices, and Tax Statements
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Companies typically save up to 20% when they outsource the processing of their monthly statements to Checkissuing. Those savings can be redirected to the core services that distinguish your business from competitors.

Checkissuing print and mail services invest in the latest technology so that you don’t have to. Our innovative bank statement printers and mailing solutions combine quality and savings with Intelligent Mail Barcode tracking integration and presorting for faster delivery.

Best Reasons for Outsourced Printing and Mailing

  • Minimize capital investments
  • Avoid long-term lease commitments
  • Reduce paper, postage and production costs
  • Improve and stabilize cash flow
  • Generate reports to satisfy compliance auditors
  • Reduce the risk of a costly data breach
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Custom Bank Statement Design & Printing

Checkissuing is very knowledgeable at print and mail servuces for multiple industries. We have experience working with different billing systems, such as: telecommunications, financial, medical, and an assortment of other businesses. Our team works with you to map your data to a customized format that meets your needs. From black print on stock or custom forms to full color statements and inserts, Checkissuing uses secure protocols to receive and hold your data and guard customer information.

  • Our facilities have dedicated quality control inspectors
  • Before any job leaves a facility, QC checks it twice: an inspection of each stack of printed statements and up to 20 samples of completed mailings.
  • Human inspection is supported by cameras that scan every statement for accuracy and integrity.
  • We are as dedicated to your security as you are. Every Checkissuing employee undergoes extensive security training and we equip all of our facilities with the latest security technology.
  • The security of your customer information is guaranteed by HIPAA and SOC2 certification audits and quarterly penetration testing.


  • Minimize capital investments
  • Avoid long-term lease commitments
  • Reduce paper, postage and production costs
  • Improve and stabilize cash flow
  • Generate reports to satisfy compliance auditors
  • Reduce the risk of a costly data breach

High volume printing, folding, and inserting equipment is used to efficiently process your mail. We use the USPS approved CASS & PAVE software and Intelligent Mail Barcode automation providing you the lowest postage rates offered by the USPS. Our quality control program includes complete Mail Verification Services.

Please contact Checkissuing and see how our statement processing services can help you.


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