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Address Validation and Verification Services

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Checkissuing offers address cleansing services through the USPS for over 169 million domestic addresses to ensure your check or document gets to its final destination. To you, this means less returned mail, wasted time, and operational waste.

We offer USPS’ NCOA (National Change of Address) and CASS(Coding Accuracy System Software) as well as offer access to MRDF (Mail Run Data File) tracking.

This process both scrubs all addresses and names against the State Department OFAC list as well as run it through our CASS-certified address cleansing software. This system ensures your addresses adhere to proper postal formatting and autocorrects them when they don’t. This seamless, streamlined process gives you time to focus on what really matters for your business, growing it.



  • Proprietary database of over 165 million continuously updated unique addresses
  • CASS™-certified software standardizes, and validates addresses, correcting typos and missing postal information including bad street names, cities, states, and ZIP codes
  • Regularly updated database of USPS® street addresses
  • Appends ZIP+4 codes
  • Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) identifies addresses as residence or business
  • USPS® address verification API helps improve the efficiency of mailings, reducing costs associated with lost, undeliverable, and returned mail
  • Improves customer satisfaction by helping ensure customers receive their orders, marketing materials, sensitive correspondence, and special offers quickly and without unnecessary delays
  • API instantly corrects and appends address information
  • Real time, on demand response time as fast as 150 milliseconds
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