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With Branded Checks: We Can Help Brand Your Company!

branded checks grow your companyI know, that probably sounded like a really strange thing to say. Everyone knows that Check Issuing is a third party check disbursement company that helps you issue checks and prevent check fraud. And that’s of course, a huge deal, because check fraud cost companies billions every year. And paying staff to issue checks on your own is a waste of money.

So yeah, Check Issuing saves you and your company money, which is uber important. But what’s more? Check Issuing, as that crazy title represents, can help you brand your product. Companies spend millions of dollars every year attempting to brand their company yet so many forget to brand in the most elementary ways.

At Check Issuing, we allow you to place memorandums inside the envelopes. This can be messaging about special deals or upcoming events or heck, just to say hi! We can also place your company’s logo on the memorandums or even on the checks! I mean, you are giving people money, when people receive money it makes them happy! Shouldn’t that happiness also be aligned with seeing your company’s logo? That would just make sense!

So not only can we clean up your processing of checks, secure them to prevent check fraud and allow you time to focus on your actual business, but we can be your little marketing helpers as well! How cool is that? Oh, and I am working a Saturday, what does that say about this amazing company?

For more info how you can use our multitude of services that include checks branded with your company logo check out our list of services:

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