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5 Core Qualities of Elite Managers

5 Core Qualities of Elite Managers

5 Core Qualities of Elite ManagersManagement is not an easy game. As a check writing service for a lot of successful companies, we can tell you that companies who perform well are the ones who have excellent management.

If you want to scale to the more elite levels of the business world, you are going to need to develop (or hire) elite managers. A cohesive management team which reflects your company’s goals and ambitions can take you to amazing new places.

Here are a few core skills your managers should either have or develop.

Ability to Delegate: If you can’t understand when to delegate a task, you can’t be efficient: it is that simple. A manager’s ability to divert work to the most qualified portions of the company is going to save time, improve quality and evolve the project. Not everyone is good at delegation because often, managers feel this need to “control things.” Being in control is great, but not being able to trust employees leads to a manager overworked and a department that is overinflated.

Ability to Train: Managers need to be able to DO things, also. Doing is teaching. If you manage a restaurant, you should know how to wash dishes. This gives you the ability to train others to wash dishes and then, it gives them capacity to train new dishwashers. It’s a cycle of success.

Ability to Lead: If someone calls in sick, a great manager can step in and do their job. A great manager isn’t always the first one out the door. A great manager will never pass the blame off; they accept the failures just as they get credit for successes. A manager’s employees can sense a great leader.

Ability to Simplify: If a concept or project sounds too complicated, that’s the manager’s fault. A great manager can simplify ideas, concepts, and projects in a way that gets others to understand what they mean or how to execute them.

Ability to Predict Changes: A good manager has the intuition to anticipate changes, both in the core business as well as the department. Being ahead of changes means being prepared. Employees are way more comfortable when they feel that everything is stable. Preparation is a comfort.

Your managers will make or break your business. If you have bad managers, you will have a difficult time evolving. And you will also have a tough time developing new ideas. Not too mention your company’s payroll will turn into an inflated waste of time. So hey, have good managers.

Because that’s the key to success!


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