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Why Your Facebook Statuses Suck And Annoy People

Why Your Facebook Statuses Suck And Annoy People

Why Your Facebook Statuses Suck And Annoy PeopleFacebook is one of the greatest modern social accomplishments of our time. It is the group think, but it also allows us to flourish as unique individuals. I love Facebook because it allows me the ability to keep up with business colleagues as easily as it allows me to remember to wish my old high school buddy happy birthday. I don’t have to see everyone all the time. I don’t have to talk to everyone all the time. It wasn’t that long ago that if you didn’t speak to someone for a few years, you missed out on kids and new jobs and moves (the list goes on forever).

But Facebook changed that. It allowed the introverts and the unmotivated and the busy-bodies to seamlessly fit into social soirees.

But it has also become a challenge for people who clearly do not understand how to use it correctly. Being a Facebook numbskull can cost you clients, your job, your wife or husband, and even your dog. Seriously, you keep posting pics of that poor dog that’s trying to sleep and eventually he opts for shelter life.

So if you want to be liked on Facebook, here are a few things you should stop doing immediately.

Don’t Be a Constant Complainer

You had a bad experience buying some shorts at Marshalls. The waiter forgot to put in your blooming onion appetizer. The nurse at the Doctors office made a comment about your weight. Ralph’s declined a coupon for pot pies.

Sorry for the bad week, my friend, but you should leave that stuff off of Facebook. Or at least pick and choose what negativity you are going to post. The fact is, I have friends who constantly post negative things on Facebook. And it makes me hate them. And yes, if you review a company on Facebook, we all see that as well. And in the end, we all just start to see the problem as being you.

Slow Your Melodrama Rolls

You broke up with your girlfriend or are getting a divorce? Cool. Put up one post. And following that, do us all a solid and move on from it. Sure, breakups and divorces suck, but you don’t need to post about their suck-age on the daily. Remember, your audience is people who include potential future dates! You posting that you’re “lonely” every Friday night is a real drag. And posting vague “I met someone amazing” posts intended to tick off the one who ditched out on you is just too big of a heaping spoonful of dramas for any of us to digest.

Remember, following a breakup, you want to appear awesome and charming and fit. Not like a sunken injured walrus. Raise your value. Always raise your value.

Reel In Those Richy Rich Posts

You bought a car. You got the upgraded suite at the hotel. Your selfie is of you in first class. You wonder why they allow kids in the 5-star restaurant you are in. You have a housekeeper.

When all your posts include a money drop, it makes you a super unlikeable person. It’s fine to post pictures from your hotel, but you don’t have to consistently point out that you are in an upgraded version. Are you taking a flight? That’s fun, maybe leave out the first class aspect. People will just start not liking you and wishing that you would get caught for tax evasion. Because that’s what people do.

Remember, you might want to do business with some of these people some day. You want to be liked or at least thought of in a neutral respect.

You Hate The President Or Some Political Happening

Hey, we get it. And hey, if you want to occasionally throw out to the Facebook lion’s den how you feel about Democrats or Republicans, do your thing. But be careful engaging in harsh political posts on the daily. Remember, like half of all people voted the other way. That means there is a 50% chance that someone you may want to do a business deal with doesn’t agree with you. And if you’ve subjected them to three shared links a day about how dumb they are for who they voted for, they may end up not wanting to have any relationship with you at all.

Being passionate about issues is not a bad thing. And exchanges on Facebook can be healthy. But furious daily posting on any matter that polarizes people can lead to anger and discomfort. People will start deleting you or pouring soup on your head when they see you in person. The best advice is to just be non-political.

So What’s Good To Post About?

Just try to be yourself. Avoid drama. Try not to be attempting to impress everyone. Post a picture of an animal (preferably a living animal). Just avoid being a total clown. It really isn’t that difficult. Facebook could legitimately lead to new business opportunities and better-paying jobs. It can also lead to finding romance. All from the comfort of your home. And the thing is, it is most often what you don’t say on Facebook that works in your favor, as opposed to what you do say. Sometimes saying nothing is the best bet.

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