The Top 3 Ways To Improve Project Management

You might have all of your projects running smoothly and right on schedule at the moment, but it never hurts to be sure. You can improve your projects immediately. Nothing here is difficult to do, and that is why you have no excuse but to implement these top 3 ways to improve projects. Just give it a try!

Engage the team daily

Start by engaging the team more often…and as a group. We especially want to do this daily if the project management is starting to go off track.  Stay in touch on a regular basis. I suggest the use of a collaboration tool for better project management. Sometimes just checking in with team members can bring up a crucial part of the project. This will allow you to touch base as a group each morning and will keep your team in great communication. This does not mean meeting for an hour and stripping your team of their morning energy. A quick check in is all it takes. Also, it is a great project management habit. Start applying this now.

Check in with the project customer 

Just as we are keeping our team engaged and on task, we need to do the same with our client. One project status call per week may be ok for a small project but for larger projects and projects with major ongoing issues, this needs to happen more often. A quick “hello” along with a status update would be great. It’s nice for a client to be aware of the positive things just as well as when there is a “fire”. You don’t want to be overly annoying and a nuisance, there is a reason they outsourced to you and your team.  They do not have the time for long calls. 3 to 4 times per week would suffice. Simply keep them afloat.

Add financials 

The project budget is always important and keeping it in front of the team and the customer only serves to elevate it to a new level of visibility. Add financials to the project status report. This gives the team one more thing to work for. Sometimes it helps the wheels to turn faster if the entire team can visualize how the project will come full circle. Another thing to keep in mind is sharing the financial updates with the client when appropriate.
No one can guarantee what works and what does not. But we CAN take these few small steps to improve our projects. There are always going to be areas that we struggle to stay in control of as project manager; most certainly on more challenging and long-winded projects. At least if you are up to speed, you can better iron out any situations that may arise.

Payments Outsourcing For Small Business With Little To No Experience In Accounting

There are numerous things that go into making sure your workers are being paid. The process is more than checking their hours and printing their checks. If you have a small business, and you do not have much experience in finances and accounting, you may be completely overwhelmed with your payroll methods. If you are ready to make a splash in your industry, you should take the next step in payments outsourcing.
Before you invest your money in an outsourced service, you should strongly consider if you will really need that service or not. If you are experienced in finances and want to outsource accounting or you have an employee who can handle the task, you may be able to keep the job in-house. However, when you are managing a payroll, there are more tasks to handle than writing a paycheck. When someone is responsible for the payroll responsibilities, they have to do the following:
Withhold taxes
•Pay government agencies through withholding
•Hand out a W-2 when the year is over
•File the proper reports on a quarterly basis
If you do not think you are able to handle the payroll responsibilities in-house, you will need to consider receiving some help from the outside. The kind of services a business will need, in terms of payroll services and payments outsourcing will depend on the needs of the business.
The decision a company makes should align with their needs, business features, and the budget. You will also want to make sure the company you are outsourcing payments to is reliable, secure, and dependable. You will want to work with an outside company who will be up front with you so you will know what to expect from the services you are paying for.

Outsourcing Accounting Functions Can Help You Take Control Of Your Business

check writing

Similar to outsourcing payroll, many businesses find they can get similar benefits from outsourcing many functions in their accounting department. If you are looking for a better way to grow your bottom-line, outsourcing some of your accounting operations is one of the easiest decisions that you can make.
There are several reasons why many business owners choose to do this, aside from getting rid of the challenges and hassles that come with accounting functions, such as bookkeeping. Why is outsourcing your accounting functions a great choice?
Your Time
When you outsource your accounting functions, you will have a large amount of time to do other things in your workplace. You do not want to waste precious time hovering over functions that can be outsourced to a third-party check writing service who has the experience, skills, and time to do it for you. You can spend that extra time focusing on other operations that can grow your business and bring in additional customers and clients. You will no longer have to be distracted with in-house accounting.
Save Money
When you choose to outsource your accounting operations, you will save money because you are eliminating employee packages, such as the employee benefits. Choosing to outsource your accounting operations will only require you to pay for what you are using, which is the accounting outsourcing. This will not only give your productivity a boost, but it will also save money in your payroll department.
When you outsource any function to a company who specializes in it, you are hiring a team of people who know what they are doing. A third-party will know the laws, the regulations, and what resources they should use. You will place your accounting functions in the hands of people who will work as hard as possible for your business. You will certainly have an experienced and qualified team of individuals working with you, whenever you need them.
Paying someone to work full-time for your accounting department can be costly for many businesses; not only will you have to pay a salary, but you will also have to pay for training and insurance. Finding the right third-party company to help run your business is the next step you should take. Do not wait to take control of your business and its future.

Check Disbursement Is A The Friend Your Company Has Always Wanted To Make.

Every company needs friends. And best be those friends in high places. Well, guess what, Check Issuing is a friend and we are located high in the Rocky Mountains! Seriously, we are, up high, in the mountains. Many of us work out of Denver, Colorado. So translation, we can be your friend in high places.
So what does taking us on as your new pal mean to your business?

We Check the Check Fraud

We stop Check Fraud at the door. When Check Issuing handles you Check Disbursement, understand, we are on top of our game when it comes to handling check fraud. Our system is utilized by banks who possess the technology to verify our checks. Our envelopes are harder to see through than the Ice Wall from Game of Thrones.

We Help Make Your Professional

We print your logo on your checks, well, if you want us to. And that makes your company look way more professional than just sending out faceless checks! And hey, the client or customer is getting money, which means they are happy, which is a great place to put your logo! Happy people seeing your logo, what could be better?

We Give You An Amazing Interface

You can see your stats in real time. Our easy to use interface is super professional and makes you always understand that you are in charge!

We Save You Money

No check fraud means more money. Not hiring a staff to handle your check disbursement means more money for you.
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