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A Simple Wardrobe & Success

Is it me, or does it seem as though every super successful billionaire is dressed casually these days? It has always been preached to “dress for the next position” and “Always look your best, you never know who you are going to bump into”. This can be true, but what about all of the super successful men and women out there that are much more casual? Let’s discuss the advantages to a simple business attire.

You Save Time

So much time and effort goes into picking a wardrobe. The shopping, the budgeting, the trying to look good. The worst part is trying to feel good in clothes that you might not even be comfortable in. Just choose a couple of tops and bottoms that fit and look great. This way you can save yourself an incredible amount of time and money.

You Don’t Waste Mental Energy

Think about it, when you spend the entire morning trying to pick and choose between the tons of outfits in your closet, you waste an entire morning that you could have used in making business decisions. Closet searching  and outfit trying can also highly distract you throughout the rest of your day. It’s wasted mental energy.

It Becomes Your Look

Steve Jobs wore jeans and turtlenecks! Mark Zuckerberg is almost always wearing jeans and a hoodie. Some companies have dress codes and by no means are we telling you to break the rules. You can wear dress pants and a button down or a polo and nice jeans and look clean and crisp. Like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many others, you will have your own look!

Save Yourself Some Money

Last but not least, you can save so much money. Without all the fuss of shopping for different looks for everyday, you can stress less with more cash in the bank. Let’s be honest, none of us wear all of the stuff we have in our wardrobe. It is just wasted money that can be saved or spent on your business.
There are many reasons why a simple wardrobe is the choice for successful individuals. And this does not mean wearing the same smelly outfit day in and day out. It simply means making simple choices without the time, energy and money waste. Trust us, the results will change you, and for the better!