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How to Choose an Adequate Payroll Check Printing Service Provider

Choosing a company that can offer you quality check printing services can be a hard task. Payroll checks and payroll stubs have to get printed in a way that ensures that they cannot get counterfeited, which is why you need to make sure your chosen provider has enough experience. To make your work easier, here […]

United States Treasury Check Issued for Economic Impact Payment or IRS Tax Refund With Us Currency

The Cost of Issuing Checks (A Guide for Businesses)

Every business needs to be cognizant of its variable costs and expenditures to create a fiscally viable foundation. Check printing is one such cost and one that can be surprisingly expensive if the process is not optimized. Offering checks online is viewed as insignificant for those who are not in the know. This startlingly common […]

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What is MICR, Why Is It Important

If you are working with a reputable check printing company, you may hear them bring up MICR every now and then. This is a type of technology that can help to reduce fraud and improve financial security. To see if it is necessary for your business, learn a little more about how it works. What […]

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How to Protect Yourself From Fraud by Using ACH Positive Pay

Part of running and owning a business is ensuring that your employees and customers do not commit fraud. Check fraud occurs every day in the United States, but there are check fraud prevention methods that you can use to keep your business safe such as using solutions for ACH transactions or having a positive pay […]

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Online Check Writing?

Younger generations may not be all that into checks anymore, but they’re still an important tool to have. Nearly all small to medium-sized businesses still rely on checks as a method of getting paid. Check writing online is a way to blend modern-day technology with a more traditional payment method. It makes the process more […]

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How Safe It Is to Use a Check Mailing Service? makes mailing a check easier than it’s ever been before! Our check mailing service is the best way to mail a check and the safest way to mail a check quickly and confidentially. Even though we’re definitely in the digital age, many companies and customers still often need to mail a check. Our check […]

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Your Business Just Moved To Smartphones. Are you ready?

Many of us still think of the web as this portal for entertainment and work orbiting inside of our desktop and laptop computers. But watch out smartphones are taking over – and fast! Today, the majority of internet users are on smartphones. Smartphones of all types -Apple, Samsung, Android and the rest. We still sit […]

BUSINESS: Learn to Network like a Boss

The word “networking,” for some people, is cringeworthy. Maybe you don’t really enjoy talking to people or maybe, just maybe, you aren’t good at communicating with others. You’ve been fine without attending sponsored happy hours so far, right? Don’t always depend on things to remain as such. The most business eventually leads you to need […]

Business Motivation At Its Finest (inside)

Are you afraid of failing? You should be, because failing sucks badly. If you are someone trying to make a small business work, I doubt you consider failing an option. But look, sometimes we wake up and just feel as though the world is against us. Or that we hate what we are doing. Or […]