Is Your Manager One Of These Terrible Types?

Bad Manager Types: From Micromanagers to Hands On Bosses

Bad manager types abound in both small and large businesses. Having a boss can really suck. But your work life can feel like hell if you work for one of these bad manager types. There are good people but bad managers because they did not get good managerial training.

As one of the top payroll companies, we have met many of these bad manager types, oh, and plenty of great managers too.
Many mid-level managers have little to no experience in “managing” or even any interpersonal skills. Management roles often attract do-gooders who commonly seek out management roles so they can do as little as possible. The skill of “telling others what to do” is absolutely no skill at all if you have a toxic boss.
I know I’ve had my share of terrible managers. You wish you could report a bad boss. I can honestly say I’ve experienced all from the below list. What about you? Do you know any of these managers? 3 types of bosses?

List of Bad Manager Types


The “Take Credit” Boss

There is nothing like doing a fine job and then having that special clown above you take all the credit for that fine job. That’s what we all strive for, right? Well, not anyone that I know. If you work for one of these degenerates, you often find yourself in the position of overhearing “private” conversations whereas your boss is receiving accolades for your work.
And of course, it is unprofessional of you to say anything about it. Because that’s the mean evil world we live in. The bitter irony here is that these “take credit” bosses can never do a bad job because any work deemed as poor will simply be credited to you. That’s right, you will eventually get the credit you seek.
The worst part in all of this is that these managers will often force you to explain, in simpleton terms, what you did to successfully launch the project. And then they regurgitate to facilitate accolades from top brass. Oh joy, it feels so good. This is only one of the bad manager types. Read on to learn about other bad manager types.

The “Micro-Manager” Boss

Yes, boss, I was just typing the character “D” on my laptop to complete the word ANNOYED. Thanks for asking. Micro-managers are inherently people who weren’t meant to lead anyone. Like, they shouldn’t be put in charge of leading hamsters into a pinwheel. One of the worst bad boss characteristics because they are so controlling.
The fact is, these people are so inefficient they might look more like a water main leak than an actual human person. And boy, are they sure annoying. They hover. They never understand what you are doing, but they comment on it anyways.

The “Meeting It To Death” Boss

Because your manager doesn’t have a clue as to what he or she is doing, they feel the need to have lots of meetings. Some do this so that the executives think they are doing something. Some do this so that they feel like THEY are doing something. But no matter, the common worker suffers because there is nothing less productive than crappy meetings about nothing.  This is one of the types of bad management styles.
Agenda items are really just an excuse for your boss to figure out what everyone is doing because honestly, they don’t pay attention. Why would they pay attention? They are usually too busy updating their Fantasy Football lineups or swiping Tinder profiles. Interested in outsourcing? Check out our outsourcing payroll services cost.

The “Hands-On” Boss

If you are a female, you probably often desire to have your boss put his sweating hand on your lower back, or ask what you and your girlfriends are up to EVERY Friday. Because that’s just what you want to talk to your boss about. There is nothing more comforting than having your boss say something that clearly indicates he was creeping on your Facebook profile even though you two aren’t friends. Or having him add you on Facebook and then when you don’t accept, the boss goes into the sour-puss mode.
Yes, I know, all bosses aren’t “men.” But for the sake of reality, that’s the core situation this occurs. Women bosses aren’t as “handy,” unless you are Jennifer Aniston’s character in Horrible Bosses. Movies about bad manager types are funny.
There is even a bad boss website which lists the nation’s worst bosses.

The “I Want To Fit In” Boss

Look, bro, I just showed up because I get paid to do so. I don’t care to hear about how you didn’t get any sleep the night before because you “hooked up” the night before. I don’t care about your bodybuilder supplement plan. I’m not concerned about your high school prom queen days.
These bosses try too hard to fit in, and in the meantime, annoy the heck out of everyone around them. They seek to impress those that are “below them” with narcissistic anecdotes that amount to boring drivel. And in the meantime, they get nothing was done, which is consistent with most managers I’ve known.
Hopefully, no one got post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms after reading all of that. The point truly was to comfort you by letting you know that your torture is not the journey of the lonely; rather, a trampled herd.
Be aware that bad manager types are everywhere.