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Should Your Business Hire A Social Media Manager?

Social Media managers are a pretty sought after position. Many companies are seeking to fill the position as a way to get some dedication to their social media base. One of the biggest issues with social media is that many of us get on a kick with it, then it falls off our focal point and we forget to do anything with it for weeks on end. Having someone dedicated to updating it means never having lapses.
The good side of the social media manager is that they pay attention to all your networks every day. If you use Instagram and Facebook, you can be assured that someone is dedicating time to updating them daily. In addition, they respond to questions your consumers or clients may have. Worse than not updating your Facebook is not responding to general inquiries left on your business page or in comments. Social media managers can also give you weekly updates. These updates can be used to help you better understand your relationship with your consumers or clients. What makes them happy or frustrated? The social media manager is likely to know this. This allows you as a company to make adjustments or even develop new ideas for your mobile marketing.
Now for the bad: A social media manager, if left unattended, could easily ruin your company by posting insensitive items by accident or misrepresenting the company in general. Social media managers may know Instagram and Facebook, but they may not know your product or vertical all that well. They may have a quirky sense of humor that could turn others off from your product. But this downside can be prevented by simply laying out the initial expectations of the position. All too often, companies hire a social media manager and just let them run the show. This position, while typically done by someone just starting out in PR, is something that can be critical to the company. Lay out what you expect. Give examples of things you don’t want to be posted to the public. Educate them on your product and what your customers expect. If you do this, you shouldn’t have any issues at all.
Oh, and hey, never hurts to follow your social media accounts on a personal level to keep up!

3 Great Reasons Your Business Should Use Check Issuing

Choosing an invoice printing and mailing services can be complicated. Actually, it really should never be complicated. In fact, if you take a closer look at our Check Issuing product, you find that the decision is as easy as pie.

We put your focus back where it belongs

When your product is the epicenter of your focus, your product evolves and expands. But in order to achieve this evolution, you have to make your product the center of you and your company’s universe. As companies grow, so do their responsibilities. And this creates lots of focus killers. Sending out checks and monitoring check fraud is hugely important to your business, but it doesn’t help move product. That’s why outsourcing that task to Check Issuing is so incredibly important. We give the focus you need to work on your product, on your customer service, back to you. Back where it belongs.

We know check fraud

And therefore, we can prevent it. We use high tech envelopes to prevent criminal activity at the level of transparency. We have the banks on our side, all of which can verify check legitimacy. We know how to prevent fraud which can save you thousands of dollars in cash.

We pride ourselves in client services

Check Issuing is built around returning clients for their statement printing and mailing services, less around new business. We are not a turn and burn shop; rather, we make money by keeping clients happy. And we’d love to add your business to the list of already happy clients.
Call us today at 1.866.686.6382 and let’s simply talk about your business. Let’s get to know one another.

How Linkedin Can Help Your Business Grow

Whether it’s for business or for personal, Linkedin can be a powerful social media tool. The often overlooked network is one of the largest social media mainstays and is used for more business to business than any other web portal around. It has over 20 million professionals on it! Almost all recruiters will use Linkedin. You can find business articles, business blogs, you can find new hires and new hires can find places to, well, be hired! The power is deep and endless and Check Issuing would like to offer up a few tips on how to better use Linkedin.
You Can Look For Jobs. Did you know that? A lot of people actually don’t. There’s a jobs tab and employers listing open positions. People often overlook this portion of the experience, which is odd considering that’s a key component to Linkedin. At Check Issuing, we definitely use it when looking for new help! Linkedin offers a powerful perspective on candidates, so if you are a company looking to hire, Linkedin streamlines the experience of looking for candidates because you can also see their resume and past experiences and maybe even some professional musings on their blog portion.
You Can Expand Your Network. Having a large, yet relevant network is pretty much the core foundation of any business. And never has such an endeavor been made easier than with Linkedin. If you simply click on your existing connections, you can begin the journey of finding new connections as that’s the logic which is written in. This can help you find new clients and customers at the drop of a hat. If you purchase the upgraded account packages you can download email address for your email marketing campaigns.
Increase Brand Awareness. Linkedin is huge (I know I said that already, but it’s important)! There is no better place for a business to brand. For starters, you can ask for recommendations from past users of your product or service. This is huge because other future potential customers will see these recommendations! You can also contribute to blogs! Your musings help new connections find you and leave an impression on them!
Not on Linkedin? Get on it.

Third Party Check Disbursement: Why Your Company Should Dive In.

You’ve heard it before. You’ve had that one meeting about it. You’ve googled. You’ve even gone as far as to sign up for a little more information on the site (hopefully right here at check issuing), but you just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Even though you know that having a third party check disbursement company is the right move, other things always seem to get in the way. And those other things always seem just a touch more important at the time, but are they? And how do you fix the situation with check disbursement so that you can sleep at night knowing you have the best check fraud software in the world running?
First, those other things are probably important, but you need to understand that signing up for Check Issuing isn’t reading a Mark Twain novel from cover to cover, its as simple as signing up, getting on a call, getting it done. Just like that. We can help out with a lot of this, we just need you to dive in and throw a little focus that way. When you sign up for us, we can start helping you get the best check disbursement around, plus you can even brand your product further by adding your company logo to the checks! And….yep, you can send out some cool messaging and memorandums or even offers in the envelope, a place you probably never considered could be so viable!
You fix the situation by getting on the line with us, letting us show you how easy and simple the Check Issuing process actually is. You quickly find out that we have A+ client relations, we are super friendly, we know are stuff, and we aren’t bad to look at either! Ok, maybe not the last part, but that’s how some of us like to see ourselves around here. Check Issuing can literally save you time, money and help you sleep better. Contact us today and I promise you won’t regret it!