//BUSINESS: How To Hire Like a Boss (Part 2)

BUSINESS: How To Hire Like a Boss (Part 2)

BUSINESS: How To Hire Like a Boss (Part 2)

BUSINESS: How To Hire Like a Boss (Part 2)At Check Issuing, we are the check writing service provider for a lot of small businesses. Through our communications with them, we know that a major stress point is hiring competent employees.

In recent years, a rash of new “hiring companies” have come on the scene because they’ve seen a huge gaping hole that needs to be filled. Hiring is difficult. Hiring can suck.

But what if we could follow a few simple steps to make hiring a smoother, more productive process? Well, we certainly can. Below are some tips directly from businesses we work with on a daily basis. They give insights into how the hiring process can be a much smoother ride.

Resumes are Mostly Garbage: Yep, I said it and as stunning as it may sound, the truth is, resumes are just hype. I mean, by all intention, resumes are something the job candidate puts together as a way to show their highlight reel. They can exaggerate (who wouldn’t?); they can lie (I wouldn’t, but people do it), and they can omit information you might want to know.

What you want to do is focus on a candidate’s ability to problem solve. Focus on their accomplishment and the process they used to achieve those accomplishments. Stop getting caught up in “you were here from this year to this year, and you made this annual salary.” You need team players and problem solvers to help take your small business to the next level.

Pay Better For fewer People: If you want the best, you are going to have to pay for it (sort of). Paying fewer individuals who are better qualified could lower your overall salary expenditure. And the benefits in production could make for even a bigger win. So often, we price ourselves below the talent that we want rather than trimming the fat we don’t need. Free up space and get the candidates you want. Offer incentive packages based on production. Share the wealth. The better your team, the better your product and service will inherently become.

Don’t Fear Remote: I know, you want to be able to see that your employees show up daily. You want to call impromptu meetings. So, what’s the problem? Remote employees aren’t much different than on-site employees. With all the communication software available, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and even Facebook, you should have no issue keeping up with who is on your team. And hey, it cuts down costs for the company.

Hiring may never be simple, but you can hire like a boss if you follow some simple steps. Change your perception just a little, and great things can happen!

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