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How To Help Your Business Through Negotiation & Mediation

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Might sound silly, but man oh man, this old secret is creeping back into lifestyles all over. Especially in businesses. But why?
We have to work to get stuff done, not sit in silence meditating right? No, wrong! There are many ways that meditation can really benefit your business. For starters, it calms everybody down. Meditation offers a clear picture of what we are all trying to accomplish, not to mention guidance towards leadership,
to be more innovative and to enable teamwork. All of these more often than not, lead to success. Think about it, why would meditation be around for so long? Because it works! Breeze through a few of the benefits below and give mediation a try.  You will help yourself and your business.
Reduce Stress
We are almost always just trying to survive in this world. It is a real downer and makes it hard to think clearly, let alone focus.
Well, guess what? You need yourself and employees focusing and with a clear mind. Meditation will bring peace of mind to these daily stresses we undergo.
Clear Thoughts
Meditation will clear your mind, which in turn will make communication much more effective. This is a necessity for any business. things will run more smoothly if communication is wide open and crystal clear.
Less Illness
Imagine that! It seems like someone in the office is sick at any moment. Stress definitely doesn’t kick a cold or the flu and mental health, no way.
there is really no way to completely get rid of stress, but there is a way to control it and deal with it. This improves health in your mind, heart
soul. Hey, people taking less time off sounds kind of good, right?
less stress leads to less illness.
More Loyalty
We often mention ways to gain loyalty from employees because it is very important for the entire business. We want employees to stick around and want to be a part of the business. This doesn’t just happen, respect must be earned on both ends. Offering meditation is another way to show you care about their well being. With this, people stay longer and work harder. Happy individuals all around!
An Increase In Productivity
The increase of productivity will be all around you. Think about it, learning how to handle stress, thinking more clearly, improving health and communicating effectively will most definitely promote productivity. Each individual will improve which will lead to an enriched company.
Many companies, both big and small are offering meditation these days. It is worth your time and commitment. Both employees and the business will benefit greatly with training on negotiation skills.
Mediation vs arbitration
5 stages of the negotiation process

Why Face-To-Face Negotiation Is Important

Today, we all prefer email and messaging over phone calls and face-to-face meetings. But what we don’t realize is that we are missing out on some very important benefits that lead to more success namely negotiation skills and techniques. Let’s chat about some reasons why you should NOT avoid face-to-face meetings and good negotiation skills examples.
Misinterpreting Information and business negotiation examples
We have all dealt with it, the infamous email that someone misinterprets. Sometimes this can be really bad. You don’t want the terms to be wrong if it is some sort of deal and you definitely do not want to mislead anybody. When there is importance involved, go ahead and meet face to face first and then it is always great to follow-up with an email.
How Serious You Are
Your precious time is valuable to you right?
Well others see this as well and it means a great deal if you are willing to take the time to meet with somebody in person. This shows a great deal of importance and how serious you are about the exchange. It’s going the extra mile really.
Response Time
Look, I don’t know how you are, but patience is not always my strength. If you meet face-to-face, you are gaining response time. Sometimes deals are made on the spot. If not immediately, then at least you are fresh on someone’s mind when you send that follow-up email and check in via the telephone.
You Lose Attention
Sometimes you are in a bad blind spot with emails. You cannot always tell how interested somebody is or if they are just stringing you along. We as humans are much more attentive in person than when we are breezing through our inbox. This is not taking away from emails, trust me, I heart emails.
Emails, phones calls and messages are all wonderful and we are lucky to have the many options that we do. Just remember that it is not a good idea to completely do away with face-to-face meetings. Include them when necessary.

The Art Of Business Negotiations

Negotiation is a part of almost every business. Heck, it’s even a huge part of dating and marriage! Some people love and thrive in the negotiation environment while others of us, like me for example, hate it! So in what ways could those of us who hate it improve upon it? If you can’t negotiate, you’re going to lose out on a lot of great future deals. Let’s look at some ways you could make the experience better and more fruitful.
Do what’s best for you and the group
When it comes to negotiation, gone are the days of being strictly self-serving. If you wage war on your future partner’s potential earnings and that partner ends up losing big in the deal, you may just be creating an environment of lethargy and apathy. You want the person you are in business with the feelinglike they are winning also. You want them to be excited and want to grow. You want them to feel the energy and creatively want to expand.
Lower the machismo
You aren’t sitting in a darkened bourbon bar smoking cigars like a member of the mafia. That’s not the YOU anyone wants to see anymore. Show that you have empathy and that you want the deal to be a win-win. Just showing that you care about your potential partner can help you get a little more in the deal. Trying to be a hardliner only makes your counterpart feel they should be similarly hardline and maybe even combative. If they think you are trying to take advantage of them, they will fight harder. Soften them up with your kindness but always show them you are business savvy!
Look for growth in the deal
It is easy to get caught up in trying to “win” the negotiation. But often times that comes at the sacrifice of losing the growth aspect of the deal. Work with your potential partner on terms that allow the product or deal to prosper. You want to make this deal so that you earn money from it for many years to come!

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