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How Does an ACH Payment Compare to Other Payment Types?

Small businesses and large retailers alike rely on ACH payment processing for smooth transactions. Many people like to get an ACH payment because it’s automated and easy to receive. Computer networks batch and process the transactions three times per business day, and businesses rely on the known delivery timelines of these payments. Before you accept […]

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What is an eCheck? All About Electronic Check Payment

Making payments electronically is one of technology’s future gifts we can enjoy in the present day. In fact, most people already utilize electronic payment systems without knowing it. Gym memberships, for example, are often referred to as automated payments but really, they’re fulfilled via electronic checks.  While eChecks are easy to use and understand, there’s […]

What Is an ACH Transfer How Does It Work

What Is an ACH Transfer? How Does It Work?

Within the era of a plethora of online money-sending options and a rising number of users, ACH is the pioneering computer-based network for financial transactions. First envisioned in the late 1960s, this transaction prerogative is now stronger than ever. Here are a few guidelines on ACH money transferring and how you can use this method. […]

The Value of Competitive Research

A treasured and profitable tool for your new company or startup is competitive research. There is a massive amount of valuable information out there, all accessible with just a few strokes of your fingertips. Many people don’t realize that when starting a business or creating a business plan, there is no reason to reinvent the […]

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Your Business Just Moved To Smartphones. Are you ready?

Many of us still think of the web as this portal for entertainment and work orbiting inside of our desktop and laptop computers. But watch out smartphones are taking over – and fast! Today, the majority of internet users are on smartphones. Smartphones of all types -Apple, Samsung, Android and the rest. We still sit […]