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Check Disbursement and Issuing Security

Photo by 401(K) 2013

You leave your house for a weekend to spend some time with your significant other and the kids for a big weekend at Disney World! But do you feel safe? Or do you constantly worry that someone is breaking into your personal abode and stealing your jewelry, breaking your family portraits and using your Vitamix? While worry is normal, I am willing to bet you feel pretty good about your odds of coming home from Disney World to find your home safe and sound and ready to serve you in your slumbers from your fun family vacation. And because of this, you get to focus on Mickey and Minnie and Daffy and Space Mountain and countless other cute characters and semi-thrilling rides. That’s your day to day personal life. And it should be. You shouldn’t have to live worrying every time you leave your house that someone will compromise your security.
So if that’s the case with your house and car and many other things, why isn’t this the case with your company’s checks? Do you worry about bank fraud due to checks issued to clients? If you don’t already, you probably should. Bank fraud and companies are like Mork to Mindy, they just go together and annually check fraud numbers are astronomical. So what can your company do to prevent check fraud? Well, you could stop issuing checks and start driving to every client and customers home and hand delivering them cash (don’t forget to hand them an old school reciept for everyone’s records), or, you could use Checkissuing to service this portion of your business so you can work more effectively on your product and, well, enjoy the proverbial Disney World that should be your life.
At Check Issuing, we use Positive Pay Protection. This process, which is designed by the banks, is built around a process that submits files to the bank to ensure that specific information is present on the check. This data on the check mirrors the information the bank and client should both have and confirms legitimacy. We also print our checks with MICR Technology (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition). This character recognition system uses an anti-fraud special ink to help increase the security of the check. Oh, and our envelopes are freaking awesome. You can’t see through them, they have a black security tine, so forget about a fraudster’s halogen light special.
Your checks should be secure, your business should be focused on what it does, not check fraud. Let us do that. You enjoy Disney World with the family!