Determine Your Business Value: To Sell or Get a Loan

how to value your businessYou want to determine business value because your company is worth something (or it should be) and not just to you.
Wondering what is the value of my business? Maybe you want to determine business value just to stroke your own ego. Or maybe you are looking to get some venture capitalist funding. Maybe you are meeting with the bank. Hey, maybe you just want to sell the business so you want to know how to calculate a business value for sale. No matter what the reasoning, many business owners and operators want to determine their business value and the productivity measure of their workforce.
Being able to accurately understand what your business value is can help you get more funding, a more robust loan, and even a higher sale price. Knowing your worth is smart business. But the fact is, not everyone understands how to determine worth. It’s actually a bit complicated in some ways. Continue reading to learn how to calculate the value of a business for sale.
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How to Determine Your Business Value

Using your assets: In this approach, the sum of your parts determines your business value. Its simple math, really, your business broken down into parts and added together can determine how much the whole is worth. Accountants for the company can typically asses value to smaller parts easier than an entire sum of parts.
The business income: How much does the company make per month? When it comes to selling a business, this approach is pretty popular among buyers. In this way, a buyer and seller can negotiate months, rather than totals to determine business value. If the business profits $7k per month, a buyer could say they’d buy it for 7 months income while the seller might negotiate for over a year. All the same, the income feeds the equation in the matter. Here’s how to how do you value a business based on turnover.
Using similar businesses: A lesser popular way to determine business value, but many still will use it. In this way, you take businesses that are within your vertical who have public values and use those to determine your business value. It could be that your business is just as great, however, you don’t optimize for financial gain just yet. In this way, the buyer will determine what they think the value is once they implement the appropriate revenue model.
The buyer and seller are likely to have to find an agreement when it comes to how the assessment for sale price functions. A bank or venture capitalist might already have a determination set based on previous projects they’ve funded, which is why having multiple assessments ready can be favorable for you.
In the end, it’s a good business practice to understand your value. It can make you a lot of money down the road. You aren’t going to be able to pitch your product to an investor very well if you don’t have a grasp on your real value.
Remember, if you are able to walk away from your business with a check rather than the business closing sign, you win!

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