Embrace Your Failures

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Sounds silly, right? Well maybe it is, but you will be shocked by just how much you can learn from your past failures. Don’t just daydream about all of your achievements, take a deep look into some of the moments when you completely failed. These times might be exactly why you are where you are today…or even better, where you will be very soon. Here are some reasons why you absolutely must embrace previous “fails”.

Who Wants To Make The Same Mistake Over & Over?!

If something is not working out, you do not want to keep doing it over and over. So don’t. Study how and why you failed. Think about this, if you are the boss, nobody is going to tell you to think about and embrace your failures. This is something that you will have to do on your own. Keep in mind that you will only learn from your past and some of these stinkin’ old failures paved the way for you. You can only stop the mistakes from happening if you know why they are happening.

You Grew From The Experience

Here’s the thing, there are times that we don’t realize how we even got to the mistake making part. Allow me to make myself  clear. By embracing and learning from our failures, we are taking a long and hard look into all of our issues. What was the protocol taken and what should have been done differently? Was this a bad habit that led us to fail? How would we approach the same situation now? These are things we learn and grow from once we assess the past experience.

Now You Can Teach Others The Right Way

So, you have visited the ghost of your past failures. You even grew from what you learned. In addition you are better equipped now to help others find their way. Lead your team of people into the correct direction. This is extremely important as far as strategy and reflexes go. Guiding others on how to be in the right mindset is so helpful for both you and your team. It is much easier to avoid failing if you are aware of certain circumstances. This is not bulletproof. Although if others do face failure, at the very least they will be able to respond appropriately.
This is the kind of stuff that separates the boys from the men and the girls from the women. Facing your failures all by itself is rather big of you. Now, admitting your failures, learning from them and embracing it all. That is some wild stuff.