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How To Market Your New Product.

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Marketing, that big bold and scary word. Most people who are scared of it don’t fully understand it. And those who do understand it often are confused about which routes to take to gain exposure, produce leads, drive new members and even build email list. With so many ways to market, it can all be so completely confusing. But one must break through all the confusion so that they can make headway and get their product on the move. So how does that work? Let’s look at a few ways.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords will allow you to buy exposure, impressions and clicks directly from the Google Search, as well as from website owners who promote Google Ads. The ads are relative to your product, in other words, if you are selling Vacuum cleaners and you run an Adwords campaign, Google will advertise your product around keywords you choose, such as Vacuums or Sweepers. When that happens, your ad runs on related search terms and related sites.
It’s a great way to advertise but it can also be really costly. You should read up on the best practices so that you don’t waste a lot of money needlessly before you begin a campaign. In addition, Adwords often does a promotion for $50 for Adwords campaigns. Maybe call them up and ask about it.

Social Media

Unlike Adsense, social media starts out free. If you are good at cultivating a crowd, coming up with cool campaigns and being the almighty viral, this could do well for you. Many people start out just inviting friends to like their pages, then grow from there. But you can also, like Adsense, pay to promote your website directly or the Facebook page associated with your product. Which you do really depends on your own personal goals.


Thought not spoken of much anymore, this is still something to consider. The production cost are a lot higher, typically the returns a lot lower, but since print’s decline, many advertising deals have come to fruition. Its something to consider if you can get a good deal.
Before spending a boatload of money on media buying it never hurts to do your market research first.
Photo by miss_rogue