The Keys To Personal Financial Security

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Financial security is the ultimate lifelong dream for most everyone. At the end of the day, being in debt is being in slavery. Breaking the chains and finding financial security should be a priority for anyone looking to not only achieve retirement, but buy a home or start a business. Financial security means you sleep better at night and you wake up with more energy. But how does one achieve it? Lets look at some key factors.

Borrow Intelligently

Using a credit card is borrowing, even when it doesn’t really feel like such. Credit cards are lending you money for a purchase, then charging you interest and fees. Fall behind on payments, or only pay the minimum, and those fees and interest become an exponential nightmare. Credit cards are good for accumulating points, but don’t be fooled, its not a game most people win. Establish a rule to only use them sparingly.

Invest In Mutual Funds or Money Markets

Make it a priority to invest your money in a mutual fund or money market account. In many cases, doing this first can help you prioritize the rest of the money you owe to bills. You will pay the bills, but having left over money sometimes means you spend on extraneous items you don’t need. So make a habit of spending on your investments first.

Avoid Day Trading

Fast turn around investing, get rich quick schemes, these are not the paths of the wealthy. Being wealthy means first having long-term investments, such as the aforementioned mutual funds. Look for long-term investment opportunities. If you have money to burn on day trading, of course, give it a try if it interest you. But don’t plan your life’s financial security around it.


Make sure your investment portfolio is diversified. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Stocks commonly fall and rise, you want your money in a place which is diversified and historically rises slowly. Consistency, even slow rise consistency, is your friend.