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Managing Stress Like A Pro To be Successful and Calm

Managing stress is an undeniable part of the business world. We all have stress if we own companies or have jobs. Our clients prior to hiring us had all the common payroll problems.
It is an inescapable part of life. Stress would not be stress if it weren’t for being a royal pain in our butts. That is why it is so incredibly important to manage it and remain calm in all business situations. Allowing stress to run unchecked will not only ruin our business lives but also our personal lives. Learn how to be better at managing stress at work.

Tips for Stress Management in the Office

So how can we keep our stress managed and at a distance?
Don’t deny that stress exists. I think often times we want to feel that we are beyond the effects of stress. But there is a way to prevent stress. Stress, for some of us, feels like a chink in our armor. We want to present ourselves as strong and rugged and durable. People who are stressed can appear weak. In this way, we just deny it exists, but the problem is, it does exist. And the longer we deny it, the more it infiltrates our business and personal lives. Being stressed is nothing to feel ashamed about, it isn’t a symbol of being mentally weak. Instead, it is a badge of honor. Stress means we are working, caring, hoping and dreaming. Our strength is in our admission that it exists and our accomplishment of intelligently managing it.
If stress is really going strong, limit your caffeine and alcohol. This is a proactive way to avoid additional stress. Nothing feels better when we are stressed than a cup of coffee or a stiff drink, but the fact is, these items can intensify stress by exacerbating our stress hormone, cortisol. There is nothing wrong with having coffee or having a drink, just make sure you cut it down a bit when stress feels overwhelming. You’d be surprised by how much this can help.
Try daily meditation. There are plenty of apps which exist to help you meditate. Guided meditations are easy and simple to follow. You can do it for 5 minutes a day, in your car, in your office or in your bed. You don’t need to sit Indian style in an empty field as the sun rises to meditate. You just need a quiet place. I often do it in my car using an app on my iPhone. Try Headspace for free, you will be surprised.
Get good sleep. Do anything you possibly can to make sure you are getting sleep. Limit caffeine later in the day, don’t watch crazy news stories too late, go to bed at a consistent time. Sleep allows the body to rebuild and fight stress. If you aren’t getting good sleep, stress has an easier time infiltrating your body.
Get a little exercise. Like meditation, you don’t need to clear an hour’s worth of your time. You just need a little. Did you know that even just 5 minutes a day would do wonders for you? 5 minutes of stretching, planking, maybe push-ups or sit-ups would completely work.
Hey, this isn’t rocket science, anyone can manage stress. In the end, you just want to make a little effort. It can make a world of difference in your life. Just like using our payroll check printing software.

Stress Management Tips: How To Be Successful AND Remain Calm

Although it may seem difficult, it is most certainly possible.
For starters, think about your health. Stress and high anxiety often lead to depression and obesity. Not to mention you are upping your chances of heart disease. Plus, you really are hurting your productivity and job performance. Think about which stressors are in your control and what ones are out of your control. This isn’t Jurassic Park people! You aren’t hiding from humongous dinosaurs. Of course, we all have our ups and downs…but staying in control is a very big part of what lies ahead for you. Let’s look at some ways to stay on the road to success while remaining calm along the way.

Be Positive – Smile Stress Away

This is so important and in so many ways. Your positivity keeps you in the best possible mental arena. Do not focus on anything negative. All it will do is train your brain to gravitate towards the things that you are worrying about and thinking negatively about. We all know how great it feels to have things going our way. We automatically have a smile on our face and skip around with joy. Well maybe not skip around, but you know what I am talking about here. Point your attention towards something positive if you start to drift towards “negative nancy“.

Simmer Down On The Caffeine

I know that none of you want to hear this part (including myself). I love my coffee, but be super careful. Getting too hopped up on caffeine throughout the day pumps your body full of adrenaline and sometimes you just don’t know where to aim it. Let’s just say that you don’t want to aim all that excess energy towards the wrong person or in the wrong way.

Stop Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Wondering and waiting for something to go wrong is only going to help things crash and burn. You will spend endless amounts of time waiting instead of doing. You are giving yourself more to worry about. Ease up and stay focused on all that IS going well and get something accomplished!

Go To Sleep – Calm Down

Thinking that you can get more accomplished if you stay up all night is a very bad idea. Give yourself the much-needed rest it deserves. Plus while resting, you are recharging your battery…I mean brain. This will help you stay calm and cool while under pressure.
Name of the game my friends is to be cool. Now go and succeed and have a happy and healthy day!

Business Leadership: Calm and Collective Wins!

Did you ever notice that a lot of very successful individuals seem very cool and collect? As if they just woke up draped in fame and fortune. Well, the truth is, they probably have a way of keeping things in perspective while remaining calm. Here are a few ways to chill out while still caring.  Be calm and collective – I promise you will accomplish more in respects to leadership.

Don’t Get Squashed By Your Stressful Emotions

First and foremost, you must find a way to be calm no matter how intense a scenario is. If you let your emotions get in the way, then it is much harder for your peers and coworkers to feel positive around you. Good communication is the key.
We have all been in situations where one person is a yeller and the other is on the cooler side. Is it weird right? Super awkward. Most of the time you see eye to eye and more clearly the person with a calm demeanor. It is the same in extremely tense situations. Keeping your emotions under control allows you to exude more power. Your leadership skills shine through too.

Respect Should Be 2-Ply

Respect others and they shall respect you! It’s a two-way street, my friends. Acting like an arrogant monster does not earn you respect, it instills fear in your employees. Not much will get accomplished if everyone is in fear all of the time. Try being kind and treating others with respect. You will never be able to please EVERYONE, but most likely your kindness will bring you all kinds of respect, and success.

Solve Problems

Instead of overreacting in frustrating situations, try taking care of the problem. Anger and fits take a lot of energy and once you get through the animosity, you are less likely to solve anything, let alone a problem. Go step by step to fix something, don’t waste your time and energy with all of the complainings. Always be the better person and treat everyone with respect, even if you are disappointed or upset. Once again, you will earn even more respect when others see you stay in control.

Follow Through

Another fast road to success and respect is keeping your word. If you commit to something, stick to it. Believe me, I know how busy a schedule can be, but staying organized and on top of all of your promises is just another win for you! Be dependable.
Take these tips and try to put them into action. The person who will benefit the most from all of this is you. You will be a well-respected leader who gets it all done. Earn it and own it.
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