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Tax Checklist for Small Business Owners

Tax season, dreaded by many, comes around the corner annually and never fails to prove to be a true pain in the neck. Forgetting slight details or making simple mistakes can easily create tax return delays – no vigilant taxpayer wants that. To prepare for this season, we assembled a small business […]

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The Cost of Issuing Checks

Checks, as a universal form of payment, have been witnessing a vast decline within these last two decades. The introduction to automation services, such as ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Wire Transferring, has led global businesses to reduce check-cutting costs and turn to some more convenient and, importantly, much cheaper options. That said, […]

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What are the Different Types of Bank Checks?

Checks are financial documents used to order a specific banking institution to distribute a certain amount of money. Checks are extended by an issuer to another party (company, person, or governmental entity) which we call a bearer. Naturally, with various parties transferring all sorts of funds, there are several different types of […]

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Are Wire Transfers Safe?

The era of electronic money handling has been making everything easier for a few decades now. Wire transferring has numerous perks: extending money to almost any country, practically in real-time, with utmost reliability. Not to mention – in cases of depositing large sums of money, wiring is a rather matchless choice. However, are […]

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How to Set up EFT Payments for Your Business

You might have encountered the topic of EFT payments. Are you still uncertain of what they represent, why are they significant, and how they can benefit you? Let us briefly walk you through what is an EFT payment because the first step to setting one up is being familiar with the process.

What […]

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What Is an ACH Transfer? How Does It Work?

Within the era of a plethora of online money-sending options and a rising number of users, ACH is the pioneering computer-based network for financial transactions. First envisioned in the late 1960s, this transaction prerogative is now stronger than ever. Here are a few guidelines on ACH money transferring and how you can […]

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How To Print Checks From Home?

Home check-printing might be exactly what you need when dealing with this type of money transfer; it is economical and there is very little chance of running out of checks. Not to mention – home-printed checks are customizable!

First, you might need to get familiarized with the steps of the process, […]

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The Difference Between ACH and Wire Payments

ACH and Wire Transferring are considered to be the dominant money transferring methods of today. With these ever-growing services being available to the wider platform of users, we heavily encourage you to compare with us the basic differences of ACH and Wire transfers.

Automated Clearing House: Basics

ACH (Automated […]

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Should Your Company Outsource Your IT Department?

Your IT services matter a lot to the successes and failures of your infrastructure. An incompetent or lagging IT department can harm your company’s overall efficiency.

Because of this, many companies have to make the tough decision of whether or not they outsource their IT staff, or keep it on site. Healthcare and technology firms […]

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How To Vastly Improve Customer Service

Customer service is a central driver for return business. In a day and age of online reviews, it is also an essential piece in gaining new business.  Here are the keys to keys to good customer service we’ve learned over a decade as the top online check writer.customer service

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