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Echeck Vs Paper Check: The Primary Differences

Echeck Vs Paper Check: The Primary Differences

We’ve come a long way from barter trade to electronic cash transfers. Today, there are countless ways to pay bills and purchase items, yet the biggest controversy among businesses is whether to use regular checks or e-checks. To run your business efficiently, you need a seamless payment method. To help you decide on the best […]

Everything You Should Know About ACH Return Codes

Everything You Should Know About ACH Return Codes

Automated clearing house (ACH) transfers are often a convenient and fast way of sending money. However, when something goes wrong, the ACH payment might be automatically returned. If you want to figure out why the payment didn’t process correctly, you need to understand what the ACH return codes mean. What are ACH return codes? This […]

Advantages of Using a Digital Check

13 Advantages of Using a Digital Check

Recent advancements in mobile banking and money transfer technology have revolutionized the way we do business. Now, customers can pay for services, purchase items from an online store, and even pre-order items – all from the comfort of their homes. That’s how flexible and convenient a digital check is. However, some transactions still require paper […]

7 ACH Processing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Automatic clearing house (ACH) payments can be a convenient way of transferring funds electronically. However, their convenience does not mean they are entirely foolproof. Just like any other electronic payment, you run the risk of encountering fraud. Furthermore, a few simple mistakes can mean you will pay way more than you should be paying. If […]

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6 Questions to Ask When You Hiring Check Printing Company

There are quite a few questions that you might want to ask when you are considering whether or not you want to hire a check printing company. Naturally, you will want to hire a company that prints checks for an affordable price, one that does so quickly, and one that provides excellent customer service. Here […]

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How to Pay With an Electronic Check?

The concept of electronic checks has been around for many years. Their popularity rivals that of credit cards on websites across the world. The electronic check, or echeck, is an excellent alternative to the old paper checks as it easily facilitates the process of paying for services. The Beginnings When checks first emerged around 1762, […]