Productivity And Outsourcing Go Hand In Hand

productive workforce outsourcing productivityWho in their right mind would choose to be less productive with their time and energy?
You might think that no one would make such a choice, but unfortunately, that is the choice being made by any small business still using in-house payroll methods. They are likely unaware of the impact they are having on their own productivity, but that impact is real. Also, it has been proven that multitasking is bad for productivity.

Why Outsourcing Is Not A Bad Thing

Before we can jump into why outsourcing is a good thing for business we must first touch on why it is not a bad thing. The blog at has a great quote that makes you stop and reconsider the meaning of outsourcing,

All modern companies use outsourcing to some extent. Purchasing raw materials or manufactured parts from another company to be used in a final product in your company is outsourcing. Outsourcing occurs with hard goods as well as with services.

With this in mind, does outsourcing seem like such an evil? It shouldn’t. It helps to not only increase the productivity rates and profitability of businesses but also provides jobs and creates better services for the end user.
Contemplating Outsourcing Payroll
The payroll department is a huge money suck for a lot of small businesses. There is nothing net positive about payroll for the bottom line, but it is a necessary service nonetheless. However, the methods by which payroll are provided can certainly be toyed with. Accounts payable services for checks can be a nice money saving proposition. It also provides these others benefits:

  • Third parties never take a sick day
  • Fully automated service
  • Less prone to human error

These are just a few of the reasons why outsourcing payroll is worth a second look.

Recommit To Your Vision
In the end, every business owner must decide for himself if outsourcing payroll seems like a smart idea. To some, the idea likely still has the feeling of being wrong. However, those who look at the issue with clear eyes can see that in fact there are plenty of reasons to be thankful for outsourcing and jumping at the opportunity to use it.

Switching To A Third Party Check Disbursement Company

So its the new year, 2015, and you’ve decided that its time to switch your company over to a third party check disbursement company. And you’ve found Check Issuing because you heard from other clients how amazing and awesome and sensible we are to use! Of course, that’s why you’ve found our site. You want to make a big change to the way your accounting handles mailing out checks.

Why does Outsourcing increase Productivity?

Because you want to prevent check fraud. And you know that Check Issuing has the most modern check fraud prevention technology around. Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing that your checks were secured? Check fraud is a huge industry and it isn’t going away anytime soon.
Because you want to make your checks appear more professional. And you know that Check Issuing can print your company’s brand right on the check. This is money we are talking about. This is your company we are talking about. Make it all look professional. Brand your product. You wouldn’t show up to a formal event wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops, would you? So why would you send out checks with the insignia of your company? Don’t. Instead, let Check Issuing help with that.
Because you want to communicate messages and ideas and new products to your current client base. And you know that Check Issuing can include memorandums and messages inside your check’s envelopes. Why would any company want to table opportunities? This is prime real estate and if you aren’t using it you are losing it (sorry for the metaphor, but its true!).
How could you know what all of this? Oh wait, you are here, so you do. Do you also want amazing one-on-one client services? You got it. Simply fill out our contact form and I guarantee one of our highly trained client service representatives will be right with you. Reorganizing and saving money on your accounting department with services for accounts payable payments is a hugely advantageous way to start 2015!

Consolidating Your Accounting Department With Third party Check Disbursement

You wake up on the daily, you have some coffee, you check some emails, you look at stats to see how many products sold and who they sold to, and then you call your accounting department and figure out what’s going on with check disbursements. Wait, what? You probably should have just kept looking at stats. Or hey, maybe you could have met with your product development team and looked for new cool frills and add-ons or hey, maybe even just came up with a totally new product! Anything but dealing with accounting and check mailing.
So why are you? This is a question you should be asking yourself. And this is a question we should be answering.
The answer? Well, it’s not Allen Iverson in this case, instead, it’s Check Issuing. Check Issuing is the solution to all your third-party checking needs. We consolidate it, we help protect your company from check fraud, and we help build your brand. We have the ability to put memorandums inside of your check envelopes so that your clients and vendors can get some extra corporate outreach. We have innovative check fraud protection so that you can sleep at night knowing the crooks probably want to avoid trying to scam your company because we got it. Our envelopes are state of the art in protecting from people using openers or just seeing inside of them using scanning.
Your business is important to you. You want it to grow. In order for this to happen, you need to focus on what really matters to you, which is your clients, customers, and products. You need to let Check Issuing focus on your check disbursement department.


Why There Is Nothing Wrong With Payments Outsourcing

CheckIssuing HelpDo not allow anyone to try to tell you that there is something wrong with payments outsourcing. This is a common myth shared by some corporations. However, nothing about this is true. As it turns out, outsourcing payroll can actually be a very big cost-saving measure for most companies.
The Real Cost Of In-House Payroll
An in-house payroll department is very costly to any company, particularly a small and growing business. The fact is that a payroll department requires a whole host of employees. Those employees all have to be paid as well. They also require benefits and could even be sick or out of work for days at a time.
Paying to have a fully staffed payroll department at all times is quite expensive to businesses. Thus, it is a good thing that there are outsourcing options available to companies.
It Isn’t Just About The Costs
While the costs are often the first consideration that one makes, they are not the only thing that matters. Accuracy is another important consideration, and another great reason to go with an outsourced provider. puts it this way,

Payroll mistakes can be painful, angering employees and — more ominously — the government. A good payroll-services provider is far less likely to make a serious error than your in-house staff. Furthermore, if a big mistake is made, you can seek financial restitution from the provider — something you can’t do with your own employees.

This is in fact an important consideration to make. Risks abound for those who put too much trust in their own payroll department. Instead of doing this, why not try an outsourced provider?

Why is productivity important
Measuring productivity in the workplace
Research on employee productivity
Special Services
Finally, if you are not yet convinced that outsourced payroll is the right move for you, think about all of the special services that they can offer. For example, a lot of outsourced providers will offer direct deposit. Employees generally like having these kinds of features for their pay. It makes things easier for employers as well, so it is a good idea to investigate outsourcing to increase productivity.