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Remote Employees: Best Management Strategies

We have remote employees at Check Issuing. Heck, I’m remote! It’s fabulous, let me tell you! Being remote means using my own toilet and snacking whenever I enjoy doing so (I’ve gained a pound or 10, though).
Hiring remote employees can be great, but also, remote employees can often feel a little insecure, almost ‘out of the mix.’ Silence, when you are remote, can be deafening. Being in an office environment means a lot more chatter, a lot more impromptu conversations breaking out. It means eye contact and facial expressions; more reading someone’s inflection and mood. Being remote can be a strain on both the employee and the manager. First learn how to manage yourself, the manager, better.
But it doesn’t have to be that way for your remote employees. Check out these management tips for your team of remote employees.
The situation in managing remote employees is no doubt, a tricky one. But let’s look at ways to make it better.
Communicate even when there is nothing to say. You don’t have to burden someone with conversations about the weather on a minute by minute basis, but you should always check in a couple of times a day, even if just to say, “good morning.” This will make the employee feel as though they are part of the larger schematic. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to find out if the remote employee has any troubles or concerns which they might be holding back due to feeling a bit detached. Employees can also become complacent when there are no communications. They might feel a little less important and work less. You want them inspired. Reach out on a daily basis.
Make sure you have all the latest remote capabilities and that your remote employees are trained on them. Skype is a wonderful and obvious starting point. Make sure you use screen sharing so that you can connect better and solve dilemmas or learn a new task. A product known as Jing is also wonderful when it comes to creating videos to show, in the video using your screen, exactly what you are talking about. Having all the latest in software and making sure all remote employees are trained on them means you can turn the home into a wing of the office.
Offer a visit or meetup. If it is in the remote employee budget and possible, meeting and talking in person never hurts. If you work from an office or in a remote location, maybe invite the remote employee out a couple of times a year to set up shop in the office. If you don’t have an office, maybe plan a place that is in between for everyone and meet up and talk face to face. You can have all the virtual software you want, but in the end, nothing replaces those face to face meetings.
Working remotely, and hiring remote employees, can serve as a huge benefit for the employee as well as save a small business money. While it can be stressful, if done correctly, it really has some pretty clear benefits.

5 Tools That Every Contractor or Remote Employee Should Have.

Working remotely or being a contract worker means rarely being in the same place as those you work or contract for. So it is your job to be prepared and make your workflow as seamless as possible. By using these 5 tools, you can up your remote game!


The simplest, most popular chat messenger is chock full with capability for remote employees or contractors. Not only can you open up group messaging, but you can also utilize group chat functionality. This one doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation, it is really easy to use and most anyone out there probably has used it so you won’t have to explain it.


Want to show someone what you are talking about on your screen? Camtasia allows you to video what’s happening and then upload to Google Drive (or wherever you prefer) and quickly and easily show others. At Check Issuing, we use Camtasia to teach new employees our software! Camtasia is a huge program, but, it comes with an amazing tutorial that will literally take you less than an hour to complete and then you’ll be a pro at making cool, functional videos. If you do contract work, Camtasia can take you to the next level with clients!

Google Chat (gchat)

GChat, as it is known, allows for conferencing in groups using Hangouts. Being able to get a group video chat online today is a big need for remote workers who may otherwise miss out on meetings. It is also great when the entire company works remotely. GChat is simple and easy to use.


I know, Facetime may seem a little played out, but with so many iPhones and a ton of WiFi connections, this one is a no-brainer to use. The quality is high, the use is simple and easy to understand. Facetime is really more for “face to face” meetings rather than teaching people things.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot allows you to make cool and nifty images and quickly edit them, crop them, add dialogue and draw arrows. This may seem simple, but-but it is actually very powerful. The ability to quickly point out an issue on a page or a place you are having issues, without much work is essential for working remotely. It is easier to see something than to depend on others to understand you and reduce the stress of language barriers.

Using A Staffing Agency And The Check Fulfillment Process

There are always plenty of things on the plate of any small business owner that he or she will have to handle on a routine basis. The unprepared business owner who is incapable of handling this is detrimental to the company. One area that a lot of small business owners struggle with is the check fulfillment process.
Why It Matters
It is never a good thing to have struggles with check fulfillment considering its essential role in operating a business. Luckily, there are ways in which one can better equip themselves to handle this particular issue. For example, one might consider using a staffing agency and setting up a payroll system through them.
Working With A Staffing Agency 
Companies use the services of a staffing agency for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Relief from an overload of work for full-time employees
  • Trying out new employees before officially offering them a job
  • Setting up a probationary period to lower costs and reduce benefits for those who only stay a short period of time

These are just a few of the reasons why companies turn to an agency. They may also seek out the opportunity to set up a payroll through the staffing agency. For a company with a high turnover rate, this is very helpful. They do not have to worry about constantly adding new employees to a permanent payroll system.
Set Up A System With The Staffing Agency
Staffing agencies work with businesses all the time. They understand the needs of a growing enterprise. At the beginning of the relationship with an agency, one needs only to establish a working system with that partner. The two parties come to an agreement about payments, and often the staffing agency will handle the payroll company near me functions for the new temporary employees brought in.
While this process only works for temporary employees brought in by the staffing agency, at least it saves some money. It is certainly better than the constant rotation of new employees on and off the main automated payroll service.