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The Secrets Of Conducting Business While Traveling

In today’s world, traveling is no reason to lag in business. In fact, many of us travel FOR business. So what do you do? Well, you can start by checking out our secret tips to conduct business while traveling.

Travel with the appropriate technology
Sure smartphones are great but don’t kid yourself, if you have to write a lot or work on reports then you will want your laptop. It helps to prepare for your trip as well. Try to organize yourself so you know what you will work on in flight. Some flights have Wi-Fi, but not all of them, so you never want to depend on internet access while flying. Make a checklist. Trust us, this will save you when you land and you aren’t super behind on your responsibilities.

Work while waiting
Use your “waiting” time wisely. You know, layovers and that stretch of time after you get through security but before you board the aircraft. Try getting to the airport a little earlier so you have that additional time to pound out some work. Catch up on some work phone calls. Caution: do not stand right near the speakers. It can be quite annoying when they are announcing flights that are boarding.

Use apps to manage it all
Whatever your “drink” of choice might be, Apple or Microsoft, there is an app that can keep you organized. The most popular at the moment appear to be OneNote and Evernote. These apps are designed to keep you organized from any and all of your devices. This is especially helpful when traveling.
Or just don’t work while traveling and enjoy your vacation!

This might not always be the case, but if you are lucky enough to have some PTO and can leave all the work drama behind. Then enjoy! Go now and never look back!
We leave you on this Friday eve with a travel funny…