How to Write a Check With Cents and Dollars

How to Write a Check With Cents and Dollars?

In this day and age, handwritten checks might seem like antiquated financial technology. However, there are occasions when nothing else will do. For example, your apartment manager is unlikely to accept cash payments. Venmo is also unlikely to make the cut. So, it’s still important to know how to write a check, however old-fashioned it […]


BUSINESS: Learn to Network like a Boss

The word “networking,” for some people, is cringeworthy. Maybe you don’t really enjoy talking to people or maybe, just maybe, you aren’t good at communicating with others. You’ve been fine without attending sponsored happy hours so far, right? Don’t always depend on things to remain as such. The most business eventually leads you to need […]

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Preventing Identity Theft: Steps You Can Take Today

At Check Issuing, we have our fingers to the pulse of fraud, particularly check fraud, which is why identity theft is something we understand greatly. Someone stealing your identity means someone potentially getting access to your bank account, to your credit cards, your driver license and even writing checks on your behalf (and not in […]