The Art of Multitasking. Or The Art of NOT Multitasking?

loans multitaskingYou know the feeling, you have 1000 things to do and you need to do them seemingly all at once. For some of us, we freeze up and do nothing until our minds can wrap around the task. For others of us, we cave into to the chaos of the situation and turn a bad situation into a worse one. Multitasking is hard.
When people ask us if we have good multitasking skills at work, we always say “of course.” That’s because we have to say that. If someone is interviewing you for a job and you say “not really, I’m not good at it at all,” then you are not going to land that job. That’s just a fact.  Multitasking definition is to execute more than one program or task simultaneously.
Well, I have some news for you: Multitasking really isn’t good. It serves no real benefit and only brings on negative effects. So maybe that answer should have been “I tend to not do that as I find it is counter to production.” While true, it could be a risk to say such a thing!

Is multitasking good or bad?

It’s pretty much bad. Multitasking exposes a very basic weakness in people: It means you aren’t able to prioritize. If you are multitasking while in a boring meeting, it means your idea of prioritizing is to assign the highest value to the most recent item that’s in front of you; and that’s bad. Your ability to understand which and what task are more meaningful means you are efficient, and that means you are more productive. You need to understand when you to put your phone down, just because you get a new text doesn’t mean its an earth-shattering, game-changing text. When someone asks you to do something, your ability to immediately file it under a level of importance and gauge where it goes in the production line means everything.
Read the Harvard study on multitasking
So is multitasking good? No, it sure isn’t. Multitasking is a myth

Outsourcing Your Payments Can Be The Cost Saver Your Business Needs

Many businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to keep their business costs down. In recent years, there have been recent methods introduced that provide financial savings for companies. One of the methods that can save a business money and time is outsourced check printing services.
Every day more companies are choosing to outsource their payment methods, especially when it comes to check writing and check issuing. One of the biggest motivators in outsourcing is the downsizing of operational costs. When you have to balance budgets, write the checks, print the checks, and mail them, it can certainly take up a large percentage of the time.
Some businesses may think that by using a software it can take away some of the time and make it easier and their workforce more productive. However, you will still have to print checks, put them in envelopes, and mail them. When you factor in the cost of ink, the cost of envelopes, and the cost of postage, it will still cost you a significant amount of money.
All of the time, cost, and headaches are why many businesses decide to let a specialized third-party handle these tasks for them. For so many businesses, check to print, check to issue, and mailing works for a variety of reasons.
Cost Savings
Since many businesses that specialize in check issuing and check printing have a process that automates everything, it will not take a significant amount of time printing those checks and getting them out to the employees. Yes, you still have to pay for the automated process, but it will certainly be less expensive than doing it yourself. When your business outsources, you can certainly increase the amount of savings that can go towards other areas of your business.
While you may be worried about the outsourcing of your payments, when you outsource to a company that is SOC2 compliant, it is definitely beneficial. When you think about the time it will take you to write the checks, print them, and mail them, and you compare it to sending the payroll document for another company to do this for you it is a big time difference.
Chances are, your business may not have the equipment that can automatically fold your checks or put the postage on them. However, when you outsource to a company that specializes in this, they will have that equipment. This will allow you to spend more time on other areas that will improve your business, and you can spend less money on your payroll tasks.
Five Time-Saving Tips For Small Business Accounting
When it comes to accounting for small businesses, many business owners want to find ways to save time while still maintaining accurate records. We have five tips that can help you save time on accounting so you can get more done.

  1. Outsource what you don’t need to do in-house: Too many times, small businesses think that they cannot afford to outsource accounting tasks, such as check issuing. We’re here to say that we work with many small businesses on these matters, and they love the convenience of outsourcing accounting tasks.
  2. Keep receipts organized: It can seem like a small thing yet many business owners report that they routinely spend time searching for receipts that have “gone missing.” It is vital to keep your receipts organized so you do not waste time looking for information.
  3. Stop sending paper invoices: There are many electronic programs that allow you to send email invoices to clients. You’ll find that it’s simple to create one template in the program and to just update the numbers when you need to send a new invoice. Many times, these can integrate with your accounting software, saving time.
  4. Stop letting payments slide: One common thing we see is small businesses asking for payments within 30, 60, or even 90 days of services rendered. This sets up customers to pay late as they may forget they owe you money. Save time spent tracking down outstanding payments and improve your cash flow by asking for payments when clients receive services.
  5. Know when to get help: Finally, let us remind you that most small business owners are not accounting experts. If you find you are in over your head, know when to hire a pro to help you out so you can get back to running the business.

What other tips do you have for saving time on small business accounting? Let us know in the comments.

How Check Issuing Can Change Your Company Game

You work hard to create an amazing product that consumers want. You stay up hours at night trying to figure out the next technology innovation that you can package and sell to other businesses. You market, you throw fancy dinners for clients. You create ads, you have them posted all over relevant websites around the Internet. You have someone running your social media, your Facebook page is to die for.
You do all the right things. I mean, don’t you?
Why is it that when a business looks at every possible way to improve their business, one of the most vital portions seems to be almost completely overlooked? You never hear a CEO or business owner say, “well, lately we’ve been really ramping up our accounting department.” So why don’t we hear this? Well, for one, because it would be totally silly to say. And for two, well, I think “ramping” up accounting is a bit of hyperbole I threw in there to help me wittingly make a solid point.
That point being? While accounting isn’t interesting trade show talk, and while you might not want to “ramp up” accounting, you might want to add in a service that vastly improves your financial technology and your check fraud and check disbursement execution. Because when you do that, you actually do “ramp up” the department and in a way that causes that portion of your accounting department to be so uninteresting you’d never talk about it!
When check disbursement goes smooth, it isn’t interesting. People only really talk about sending out mass checks when there was a case of fraud. At Check Issuing, we use the best check fraud technology in the world. Our check envelopes alone are impenetrable. We help you sleep at night.
We also improve your company’s professional demeanor by allowing you to place your logo on your disbursed checks. We also allow you to create memos and messaging and place them in those super secure check envelopes so that when your client gets that check, they also get a memo about your latest offer. Hey, we also do great rebate check processing.
How cool is that? So when are YOU going to “ramp up” to Check Issuing? Why wait, contact us today!