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Direct Mail Marketing Service

Get the most out of your direct mail campaign with CheckIssuing’s Direct Mail Marketing Service.

We help businesses, just like yours, find and reach new prospects with our Direct Mail services and make it easy to send professional mailings to the perfect audience. We can help design your mailer or you can provide the artwork. We’ll print, address, and deliver the campaign to your targeted mailing list, ensuring you receive the best possible postal rate.

What’s the advantage? Unlike other forms of advertising, in which you’re never sure just who’s getting your message, direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with your target audience. That allows you to control who receives your message, when it’s delivered, what’s in the envelope and how many people you reach.


Easily reach your market:

  • Target – Reach the customers who matter most by targeting specific local neighborhoods or ZIP codes. No mailing permits, mailing lists, or experience is required.
  • Architect – You can also upload your own artwork or get design help to design the perfect marketing piece.
  • Launch – All orders include printing, mail preparation, postage, and delivery. No paperwork or Post Office drop-offs required. Place your order online, and you’re done.

Build awareness of relevant offers or communicate important notifications through stand-alone marketing mailings or with inserts, outer-envelope messaging, and personalized statements. Monthly statements have an especially high open rate, which represents an excellent opportunity for banks to selectively cross-promote relevant products, encourage eStatement and mobile banking enrollment, or communicate other timely information.

Communicate better and convert more with efficient, ROI-obsessed direct mail marketing services. We approach bank statement mailing with maximum postal discounts and our use of the Intelligent Mail Barcode System. We can offer speedy delivery and reduced postage.

  • A smart mail bundling system that provides maximum postal discounts.
  • USPS NCOA address clean-up that greatly reduces return mail.
  • An analytical mail processing system that limits defects and increases project efficiency.
  • Variable print technology that provides 1:1 mail piece personalization.
  • Innovative mail tools (like QR Barcodes and web integration) that boost campaign ROI.
  • Dedicated campaign support, from initial piece design through project tracking and analysis.

Our approach leverages innovative print and mail technology to provide winning direct mail solutions that are efficiently produced, free from costly mistakes and mail bounce-backs, and delivered on time and on budget. From simple customer letters to custom print and mail campaigns that offer 1:1 piece personalization, we’ve got the stand-out direct mail tools to deliver outstanding results.


Contact us today to get a demo and find out how we can help with your printing and mailing needs!