What is the Check Kiting Fraud?

Bank deposit fraud is a frequent crime happening with many banks throughout the world. Kiting is a deposit fraud type that does not occur that often; however, this type of scam, even though much rarer, can bring devastating consequences to the banking institutions.

In the words of Sydney Hicks from the […]

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Tax Checklist for Small Business Owners

Tax season, dreaded by many, comes around the corner annually and never fails to prove to be a true pain in the neck. Forgetting slight details or making simple mistakes can easily create tax return delays – no vigilant taxpayer wants that. To prepare for this season, we assembled a small business […]

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What are the Different Types of Bank Checks?

Checks are financial documents used to order a specific banking institution to distribute a certain amount of money. Checks are extended by an issuer to another party (company, person, or governmental entity) which we call a bearer. Naturally, with various parties transferring all sorts of funds, there are several different types of […]

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The Difference Between ACH and Wire Payments

ACH and Wire Transferring are considered to be the dominant money transferring methods of today. With these ever-growing services being available to the wider platform of users, we heavily encourage you to compare with us the basic differences of ACH and Wire transfers.

Automated Clearing House: Basics

ACH (Automated […]

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