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Frank Abagnale, A Corporate Check Fraud Gold Mine.

Photo by B Rosen You’ve probably seen the movie, Catch Me If You Can. You probably really enjoyed the fast paced, even humorous and exciting look at infamous check fraud and identity thief professional Frank Abagnale. He’s now turned to helping the good guys as a check security consultant (I mean who better to do […]

Preventing Identity Theft: Steps You Can Take Today

At Check Issuing, we have our fingers to the pulse of fraud, particularly check fraud, which is why identity theft is something we understand greatly. Someone stealing your identity means someone potentially getting access to your bank account, to your credit cards, your driver license and even writing checks on your behalf (and not in […]

Check Disbursement and Issuing Security

Photo by 401(K) 2013 You leave your house for a weekend to spend some time with your significant other and the kids for a big weekend at Disney World! But do you feel safe? Or do you constantly worry that someone is breaking into your personal abode and stealing your jewelry, breaking your family portraits […]

Check Printing: The Expensive Process Your Business Is Still Managing

All small business owners know that cutting out unneeded expenses is one way to increase the bottom line. Check printing is one expense that may be an area that can be cut. There are companies that this work can be outsourced to which can do the work at only a fraction of the cost of […]

Boost Your Bottom Line With Payments Outsourcing

Steady profitable growth of a business’ bottom line is an influential ingredient for a successful and sustainable profit margin. The keys for unlocking the doors of opportunity for a business to continually grow involve strategic and duplicable systems. For example performing an internal audit of procedures regularly can increase productivity by a substantial percentage. Hiring […]

Checks And Balances: The Corporate Structure

Good Morning Clients, Future Clients, and those that just happened upon us on this lovely Tuesday! Today I wanted to discuss management, checks and balances, corporate structure. The checks and balances of your company’s structure are one of the utmost important aspects of your flow. You want managers, but maybe you don’t want micromanagers You […]

The Value Of Attending Networking Events

Photo by Gulltaggen We’re in the check issuing business and like any trade out there, we at times have to assess the value of attending networking events and trade shows. It’s a common conversation amongst the managers, executives and sales representatives of all types of companies, not just our check issuing one. You’ve all been […]

3 Reasons to Outsource your Check Issuing Needs

If you’re like most businesses, you’re constantly trying to do more with less. You and your employees are wearing multiple hats just to keep up with the day to day duties of running the business and making sure customers are cared for. We know these challenges all too well. The good news is that there […]