How to Measure Accounts Payable Performance Top AP KPIs

How to Measure Accounts Payable Performance: Top AP KPIs

If you cannot measure something, then you cannot judge how well you are meeting your goals. When evaluating your accounts payable metrics, you need to refer to the business goals to determine where you stand on your quest to accomplish them.  This mindset can be applied to accounts payable KPI performances because the process consists […]

What Is AP Automation Should You Automate Accounts Payable

What Is AP Automation? Should You Automate Accounts Payable?

For any business to succeed, having an efficient and accurate accounting system is very important. Those that have good accounting functions in place will consistently know their current cash flow position, stay current with vendors, and have an easier time remaining profitable during challenging times. To help your business stay organized, consider automating accounts payable […]

Pros and Cons of Account’s Payable Outsourcing

Pros and Cons of Account’s Payable Outsourcing

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll either want to get an account payable audit directly from a company or via their software. Obviously, there are advantages to auditing and outsourcing, but also a couple of downsides.  To pick the one you need, you’ll have to get familiar with the pros and cons of […]