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What is a Substitute Check?

Substitute checks are copies, normally electronic, of a standard paper check. The enactment of the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (The Check 21 Act) on October 28th of 2003 began allowing the U.S. citizens to practice check truncation, a process of extending electronic copies of checks in order to eliminate needs […]

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The Cost of Issuing Checks

Checks, as a universal form of payment, have been witnessing a vast decline within these last two decades. The introduction to automation services, such as ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Wire Transferring, has led global businesses to reduce check-cutting costs and turn to some more convenient and, importantly, much cheaper options. That said, […]

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How To Print Checks From Home?

Home check-printing might be exactly what you need when dealing with this type of money transfer; it is economical and there is very little chance of running out of checks. Not to mention – home-printed checks are customizable!

First, you might need to get familiarized with the steps of the process, […]

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