Business Communication Quick Tips

tips for communication in businessCommunication is complicated between managers and employees. But when you run a business, like we do for outsource payroll services, it is essential. Often times the people who are in charge are the people who do not communicate well.
Big deal? Not really. Like any skill, not being able to communicate is only a big deal if you refuse to acknowledge it and don’t make any effort to improve it. Sure, some are born with communications skills. But some of us have to find our way with it. Here are some communication quick tips that we can all benefit from knowing.

Be Yourself

I know this sounds ultra simple and maybe even useless, but a huge part of communication is sticking to what you know (which is you). Being you, and a good boss, and not being some imitation of a perspective if you think you should be, can radiate integrity. When you seem like a salesperson, people go on the defensive. When you seem like you have an agenda, they start trying to figure you out. When you seem like yourself, they start listening to you.

Learn To Resolve Issues

When you are in an argument or heated conversation, learn to appease the other person with niceties. Being nice can often cause people to take it down a notch and drop their guard. When they do this, your ability to get “more of what you originally wanted” becomes 10 times easier. Angry people have the incentive to fight. When you compliment someone, they often feel guilty for being mad at you and overcompensate in the other direction.

Keep Emotions In Check

It’s ok to be angry. In fact, it is normal. But learn to recognize when you shouldn’t be communicating with others. Whether it be via email, phone, text or instant messenger, it is always better to take a walk rather than send a message while angry. This alone can save your relationships. When we are angry, we are jumpy and paranoid. When we are calm, we have true perspective. You want true perspective!

The Importance of Business Etiquette

All of the things your parents and grandparents told you are true. Manners, rules, ethics and other human traits. We learn so much in school, but some of it you must learn from your nest or perhaps along the way. Let’s discuss the importance of etiquette and how it plays into the business world.

Do You Stand Up When Introduced?

Yes, you must. Not only does it show how proper you are, but it makes your presence known. Always stand up when introduced. This also gives you the chance to shake hands and engage with the other person. If you stay sitting, you look as though you don’t care and the conversation may never be anchored towards you.

Do You Practice Effective Communication?

Just remember, your delivery can destroy what you are actually trying to say. Always think about what you are going to say and how to say it. This is very important, as someone might misinterpret what comes out of your mouth. Remember to be clear, calm and collect when communicating.

Do You Think Before You React?

This one we have all messed up! Do you ever say something that you regret later? It is important to think before you overreact or simply react. A good way to think is, would this bother my significant other or a family member? It helps to think about loved ones because they are the most honest with you and if they don’t like how you react and/or communicate then maybe you can steer clear of those exchanges in business as well. You don’t want to rub people the wrong way. A lot of times it is innocent and we don’t realize our delivery of something is offensive to another person.
4 basic types of communication
Communication in the workplace

Do You Wear Your Business Etiquette?

If not, you should. It’s all about great communication and positivity. All of this creates a healthy environment to work in and attracts confident and positive working relationships. I’m sure you want people to have respect for you, so dish out respect from your end and interact in proper ways. This is very important and can only help you and your business. It also helps everyone around you. If everyone feels as though they are working in a positive environment you will for sure see more productivity which in turn generates more profit.
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