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Market research management takes a strong focus on market trends, buyer habits, data analysis, and the overall pulse of your industry. Surveys and research take a lot of time and effort while leaving you with little energy to worry about anything else. But after a long day of collecting user opinions about products and services, the most important task is users receiving rewards for their input. With our incentives management solutions, we can take that off of your hands.

Our group of payment industry experts is passionate about caring for your payment delivery and survey incentive needs. If you need to send thousands of checks to your members, we can do it, through our API or .csv or in many other file formats, with your logo on the envelope.

Our Intuitive and User-Friendly Administration System Enables Market Research Firms to:

  • Raise response rates – Reliable payout methods are critical in making survey panelists feel ensured in receiving incentives and rewards for their time.
  • Increase survey completion – Using a reliable payout company that panelists trust encourages them to complete and submit the information your business needs.
  • Promote panelist acquisition – A reputation of reliability helps ensure that you get the largest amount of panelists coming to you to assist with your market research.
  • Decreased panel attrition – Attrition is not good for any survey campaign, and dependability is a key to keeping it as low as possible.
  • Generate reliable referrals – Referrals can exponentially increase the success of your panelist acquisition efforts and an active referral payout system
  • Boost panelist loyalty – Studies have shown that survey panelists can be very loyal to a few market research companies they feel connected to, as well as those that make it convenient to participate.

Panelists rely on their payments for assisting in helping your company grow, and waiting isn’t an option.  CheckIssuing has been helping assist companies get their payments and rewards sent out on time, every time, for many years now. We are the leader in market research payouts, and help companies build strong panel-member relationships that increase response rates and incentives while discovering how to lower attrition. Contact Us Today to see how we can help.


For more information about making CheckIssuing the company that helps you send your incentives out, contact us today!