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Online Payroll Services for Small Business

Use the state-of-the-art Checkissuing Payroll Platform to let us help you send out your backend payroll payments. With Checkissuing, processing payroll for your small business has never been easier.

Ease of Use

Get your payroll out quickly, when you need it. Our system allows you to create payments within minutes. Schedule your payroll to go out when you want it to; you have complete control over everything.

Our administrations system allow you to:

  • Import your payroll information into our system
  • Review your totals
  • Print your checks

Additionally, our SOAP/XML API is capable of processing your information directly from your accounting software.

Payroll Processing

Every pay period, Checkissuing will process and provide you with payroll checks and earning statements, and other standard reports including a payroll register with year to date information. In addition, we will work closely with you to create any additional reports that may help streamline the information you need.

Check Signing and Insertion

With check signing and inserting, Checkissuing applies the authorized signatures to your payroll checks, then inserts the checks in secured envelopes so your payroll is ready to be distributed the minute it arrives. With this service, you can be out of the office on payday and know your employee’s payroll is being taken care of.


Tax filings and payments can be conveniently done for you. Allow Checkissuing to efficiently process your W-2 and 1099 forms for you.

Custom Payroll Solutions

We design every program to meet our clients’ demands. Our powerful and flexible payroll system gives you complete control of all your company information, while eliminating the burden of payroll preparation in house.

Features related to the Checkissuing High-Capacity Payroll Management Solution are:

  • Check signing, stuffing & pressure sealed envelopes
  • Deluxe check stock
  • Ability to integrate with external payroll vendors and accounting systems
  • Ability to issue off-cycle checks
  • Maintain payroll history for each employee
  • Payroll tracking and auditing
  • Ability to prepare tax forms such as W-2 and 1099 forms
  • Backend change tracking & reporting
  • Company logo on checks
  • All reports available in PDF format
  • Automatic billing
  • Custom reports
  • Tax payment verification reports
  • 24-hour access to our web based administration system

Whether it’s adhering to ACA/OSHA/HIPAA and other government requirements, processing unlimited payrolls without conflict, or securing data at any level, we’ve got you covered.


Our systems can typically be integrated with clients in several weeks. Our systems are comprised of:

  • Enterprise-grade cloud platform: AICPA SSAE 16 SOC, ISAE 3402 Type II, multi-tenant cloud platform providing role-based access, signatory rights, configurable approval workflows, and API integration capabilities.
  • Conventional secure hosting environment – We utilize encrypted storage, encryption, retention of data database, and firewalls. We also use strong cryptography and security protocols such as SSL/TLS, SSH or IPSec to safeguard sensitive cardholder data during transmission.

Whether you’re interested in payroll and HR, payroll and attendance, or any number of combinations, Checkissuing has the right backend payroll solution for you.