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Tax Form Services – 1099 Outsourcing

1099 outsourcing services

Get Secure and Efficient 1099 and W-2 Tax Form Services as Low as $1.49 per!

income tax formsCheckissuing is your complete outsourcing solution for your income tax forms. We will create and mail all your business forms as part of our of our premier IRS tax forms 2018 service. We make it as simple as possible for you, every step of the way! We know how much trouble you could land in if you try to avoid these necessary tax documents for the IRS. All it takes on your side is the simple click of a mouse – no matter how many 1099 employee forms you need to be printed and mailed.

We handle everything for all types of IRS forms including 1099 processing service, 1098 and the 1095 series. We can process all of your employees and subcontractors, from small to very large numbers of payers and payees. It is no problem for our 1099 outsourcing services. Because we are an approved IRS 1099 service provider you will have peace of mind knowing that all your filings are in strict adherence to IRS tax regulations.

We offer an all-inclusive printing, mailing, and e-file services for businesses as part of our 1099 form processing service. If your company has hired self-employed or independent contractors and has paid them $600 or more, you are required to report to IRS by filing a form 1099 MISC.

Now you don’t have to keep track of the endless updates to IRS rules and regulations every year, because we do it for you with our award-winning 1099 software. Know that our 1099 printing service always complies with the latest tax laws for the current year.

Forget about trying to print your 1099’s and W-2’s in-house. This year save time, money and hassle by deciding to outsource 1099 processing to our professionals.


Filing IRS forms and returns is fast and easy at Checkissuing.

No 1099 software needed, to buy and learn!

Aren’t you tired of every tax year having to buy a new version of the 1099-misc software, install it, learn how to use it and take days to print and mail loads of 1099 forms? Stop wasting time reading the 1099 software review and trying to find the right 1099 payroll software for your accounting software.

Whether you’re filing one or thousands, when you outsource 1099 processing it saves you time and assures complete IRS compliance. We take care of printing and mailing the IRS forms to your recipients, as well as e-filing your forms directly with the IRS or SSA.

  • Quick & Easy Setup – Our easy-to-use interface will have you filing in minutes so you can spend time on what matters most to you.
  • Full-Service Filing – We take care of all of the steps of the process, from helping you import information in, through all of the steps in the filing process, to all of the acceptance confirmations.
  • State-of-the-Art Security – Your business is in good hands. Checkissuing is committed to secure and accurate e-filing.
  • Pricing – Our rates for our high-quality services are among the lowest in the industry and we price-match our competitors for similar services. Pricing for 1099 service starts at $1.49 per.

As one of America’s leading print and mail services, we understand the importance of accuracy, timeliness and cost efficiency.  In addition to being a 1099 printing service, we offer a full range of print and mail documents such as; bank statements, rebate payments, custom letter printing, direct mail services, and healthcare patient statements.




FAQ about Tax Forms

Here are resources to answer your most frequently asked questions about 1099 and W-2’s tax forms:

What is 1099?

This IRS tax form, the 1099 form, is one of a series of required documents called information returns. This means that the form is filed to notify the IRS of information of payments to independent contractors of taxable income. There are various types of 1099 forms, the correct form to use is determined by the source of the earnings and revenue. These are the different types of IRS 1099 forms: 1099-MISC for reporting income, 1099-INT for interest income, 1099-DIV for dividends and distributions from investments, 1099-C to report cancellation of debt, 1099-R for retirement account distributions and 1099-S for real estate transaction proceeds.

Who gets 1099? 

You need to send a 1099-MISC from to anyone your business has paid over $10 in royalties or broker payments or $600 for services who is not an employee and other types of payments including rent, prices, and healthcare payments.  Read more about the form 1099-MISC

As per the IRS, if your business made these types of payments you need to issue 1099 tax forms:

  • Payments, in the course of your trade or business: (1099-MISC) (Note: It is important that you place the payment in the proper box on the form. Refer to the instructions for more information.)
  • Services performed by independent contractors or others (not employees of your business) (Box 7)
    Prizes and awards and certain other payments (see Instructions for Form 1099-MISC, Box 3. Other Income, for more information)
    Rent (Box 1)
    Royalties (Box 2)
    Backup withholding or federal income tax withheld (Box 4)
    Crewmembers of your fishing boat (Box 5)
    To physicians, physicians’ corporation or other supplier of health and medical services
    (Box 6)
    For a purchase of fish from anyone engaged in the trade or business of catching fish (Box 7)
    Substitute dividends or tax exempt interest payments and you are a broker (Box 8)
    Crop insurance proceeds (Box 10)
    Gross proceeds of $600 or more paid to an attorney (generally, Box 7, but see instructions as Box 14 may apply)
    Interest on a business debt to someone (excluding interest on an obligation issued by an individual) (1099-INT)
    Dividends or other distributions to a company shareholder (1099-DIV)
    Distribution from a retirement or profit plan or from an IRA or insurance contract (1099-R)
    Payments to merchants or other entities in settlement of reportable payment transactions, that is, any payment card or third party network transaction (1099-K)



What form does a 1099 employee need to fill out?

In order to properly file you will need information from the W-9 form that has been completed by your independent contractor, or payee. This form is a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. Businesses who pay income to self-employed individuals use this form, and this form is used to report real estate transactions, mortgage interest paid, IRA contributions and cancellation of debt. Read more about the W-9 form.

What is the penalty for not issuing a 1099?

On January 1, 2016, the penalties for late filing, inaccurate or incomplete information, or failure to file forms 1099 was increased to $100 per return. American businesses are fined over $1.5 million annually for these errors. Don’t risk your business capital. Instead hire our 1099 professional services.


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