How Does Direct Deposit Work for Tax Refund

How Does Direct Deposit Work for Tax Refund?

When you file your taxes, you may notice that you have a few different options for collecting your refund. For most taxpayers, direct deposit is the quickest and easiest way of getting a tax return. If you are thinking of using this method, it can be helpful to know how does direct deposit work for […]

What Happens When You Don't File or Pay Your Taxes

What Happens When You Don’t File or Pay Your Taxes?

Taking care of taxes is a responsibility that we all share. Even though a very small percentage actually understands this topic completely, we all need some basic knowledge in order to file them properly. This includes knowing how and when to file them but also knowing what happens when you don’t. Since filing taxes is […]

Procrastinate Doing Your Taxes? Here’s 10 Helpful Tips

If you do not know this already, this year the deadline for filing taxes is April 18, 2016.  No more time to procrastinate doing your taxes. Let’s do the opposite of procrastinate. Three more days is exciting stuff. But be careful with this, procrastinating and doing your taxes at the very last minute is not the best […]