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The Effectiveness OF Direct Mail

email photoEmail. Remember a few years ago when email was a dying technology? I in fact recall many people saying they’d never use email again. Instead, they’d rely on instant messenger. For some, that was a big change: people were already habitually using email and weren’t excited to change. No one likes changing habits. And that’s exactly what Google saw when it updated it’s Gmail.

Just when everyone thought email was dead, Google used people’s comfort with the “dying technology” to it’s advantage. It created tabs which automatically organized the email box. What was once a chaotic problem with spam soon became a readable, easy to decipher inbox. And when this happened, everyone won, including the mailers.

The old way that email was set up caused people to get frustrated and jaded by email offers whereas the new way actually caused people to go LOOKING for offers in promotional Gmail tabs. Because of this, email click through rates and open rates boomed back up. And complaints dropped.

The goal for the mailer has changed.

What used to be a game to “get in the inbox” has changed somewhat. Getting in the inbox is still important, however, if you are mailing legit offers, your odds of getting into the promotions section are highly increased. But the new problem is that you are in an inbox with tons of other offers.

So how do you get the opens and click throughs?

Your subject line must be good in order to attract attention from the email user. I can already tell you that shock style subjects are no longer that great because users got used to seeing them. You want to go more with accuracy that reflects your offer, painted up with funny and action oriented. Front load your subject line with actions words like “buy, download, register” and be accurate.

For click throughs, pay attention to the text inside of the mailer. Many mailers report that showing the actual price increases sales. Keep it short and sweet if you are selling a product.

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